Abigail Heringer Pens Emotional Memoir About Hearing Loss

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Abigail Heringer made history as the first deaf contestant on The Bachelor. Now she’s ready to share her life story of hearing loss and hope. Find out more about the emotional memoir, including when it will be available.

Bachelor In Paradise Couple To Marry Soon

Season 25 of The Bachelor was historic for a few reasons. Matt James was the first Black lead since the show first premiered in 2002. One of his contestants, Abigail Heringer, also made history as the first deaf contestant to appear on the franchise.

She immediately became a fan-favorite after vulnerably sharing her life story of growing up deaf. She was born deaf but had a cochlear implant since the age of 2. She opened up to Matt James about her difficulty finding love partly due to her disability. Abigail was heartbroken when he sent her home in the middle of the season after realizing his feelings were stronger for other women in the house.

He eventually found love with Rachael Kirkconnell, though the two have yet to get engaged or marry. Abigail Heringer joined Season 7 of Bachelor In Paradise. She formed a connection with Bachelorette alum Noah Erb but they broke up right before the season finale.

But their connection remained strong and they began dating again shortly after filming. He proposed in August 2023. They haven’t shared many details about the upcoming nuptials, but they did reveal that they plan to marry sometime this fall.

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Abigail Heringer Pens Emotional Memoir About Hearing Loss

Abigail Heringer took to her social media on May 22 to tease a huge announcement coming the next morning. PEOPLE magazine exclusively revealed that the reality star wrote a memoir that is coming out soon.

Abigail spoke on the show about being torn between the hearing world and the deaf world, never really fitting into either. Her new book shares more details about the struggle of always feeling like an outsider. “Growing up deaf and introverted, she dreaded being the center of attention, fearing her disability would burden those around her,” the book description details.

An excerpt from the memoir expands on that. “I’d spent most of my life trying to blend in with the able-bodied crowd around me, never wanting to stand out as the ‘deaf girl. For so many years, I was two people—the Abigail who was deaf and the Abigail who was just me,” Abigail writes.

The BIP star shared the news on Instagram and noted that the book isn’t just her story. She wrote it with her mom and includes the perspective of a mother raising two children with disabilities. Abigail’s older sister, Rachel, is also deaf.


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The aim of the book is to inspire hope among readers. “Through these pages, I hope to empower others to embrace their truth, to stand tall in the face of adversity, and to live boldly and unapologetically in who they are. Just as I have learned to do.”

The Deaf Girl is available now for pre-order and has a release date of Tuesday, September 10, 2024.

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