Mama’s June’s Ex Drops Massive Weight, Is He OK?

Mama June-YouTube

Mama June Shannon’s ex has dropped massive weight leading people to wonder if he is okay. She is currently on her own fitness journey and has been hitting the gym. So, who is the ex in question and are they on a good path? Keep reading for more details.

Mama’s June’s Ex Drops Massive Weight, Is He OK?

Over the last few years, Mama June has realized that her weight has gotten out of control. She underwent several procedures in 2015 to lose weight and feel comfortable in her body. The reality star had a gastric sleeve, skin removal surgery, breast augmentation, and more. Unfortunately, due to her addiction issues, recovery, and the pandemic, June started to gain back some of the weight. She did go to see her doctor for a revision but he declined to do it. Rather, he wanted her to start working on her eating habits and her health as opposed to using the surgery as a quick fix.

Mama June-YouTube
Mama June-YouTube

She had since admitted to gaining even more weight while her daughter, Anna Cardwell was sick and has since passed. Therefore, she started weight loss injections and is hitting the gym, doing what is best for her. However, it looks like one of her exes is following her path to a healthy life and showing it off. Geno Doak was someone who was very toxic in June’s life and she eventually broke ties with him. Now, he is showing off his drastic transformation on Instagram with the caption:

  • Selfie or somebody elsie ?


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He had always been husky but he had gained weight alongside Mama June when they were trying to stay sober. This snap of him is amazing because he is so slim but what are followers saying?

  • Aw no 😢 you had seemed to be doing so good. I hope you can get back on track before it’s too late. I lost my husband to fentanyl
  • Back on the meth brother
  • Y’all he is obviously on meth!! Come on!

Drugs Or Healthy Living?

Some of Geno Doak’s followers said his eyes were very telling that he was not doing well. However, there were a plethora of other fans who were so proud and supportive of him. More so, they could not believe that people would immediately jump to the drug conclusion:

  • He looks Damn Good so for all yall commenting he back on drugs ,,,,none of you know what’s going on in his life so stop assuming. I think he looks good asf🔥

Another added that Geno was on a doctor-prescribed weight loss medication so that was helping him on his journey. In any case, he and Mama June appear to be working hard to get back to where they once were. Hopefully, Geno is on a good path and will continue to stay sober and healthy.

Are you shocked at his transformation? Do you think it is just medication or something more to it? Let us know in the comments below.

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