Jennie Garth Weighs In On Tori Spelling’s Divorce

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Jennie Garth is weighing in on her former Beverly Hills, 90210 co-star and close friend, Tori Spelling’s divorce from Dean McDermott. She has been there for all of the ups and downs and now she is speaking out as to how Tori is doing and more. Keep reading for all of the details.

Jennie Garth Weighs In On Tori Spelling’s Divorce

On Beverly Hills, 90210, Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling played Kelly Taylor and Donna Martin respectively. They were also best friends from the beginning until the end and it has translated off-screen. Jennie and Tori have done a podcast together and have reunited with other co-stars for nineties conventions. Furthermore, Jennie knows what it is like to go through more than one divorce as she is now in marriage number three. That being said, how has she handled watching her best friend go through this horrible time in her life?

Tori Spelling-Instagram
Tori Spelling-Instagram

According to Us Weekly, Jennie had this to say about her longtime friend:

“She’s such a strong girl, even though she probably wouldn’t say she is. But I think [Tori is] in this phase right now where she’s going to learn so much about herself. I could not be happier that she is, you know, in this growth stage in her life.”

Tori filed for divorce from Dean McDermott on March 29th, 2024. However, he shared that they had split via social media in June 2023. This was not something the mother of five was prepared for but admitted that it needed to happen when it did. More so, she was grateful that Dean pulled the plug as it allowed her to breathe. Tori went out, lived in a motel, RV, and now has a lavish monthly rental with the children.


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Still, she is very close to Jennie Garth and they have their projects together, which adds to the bond:

“We still have our BFF Collection with QVC, which we love creating that together, and doing the podcast. So, we’re still together after all these years.”

Aside from their 90210MG podcast, Tori Spelling launched her own called misSPELLING while Jennie just started I Choose Me with Jennie Garth. Yet, the ladies always find time to come together for the projects that matter. More so, they have a connection that has spanned decades.

The Deepest Relationship

Jennie Garth did detail her friendship with Tori Spelling. She noted that it was almost instantaneous as it was a sisterly bond:

“We were all just super close at different times but felt like a family and like sisters. That’s a bond we created as young girls, so I don’t think it’ll ever be broken. Tori and I love each other so much. We’re super different people. We’ve always talked about [how we’re] kind of opposites in a lot of ways. And I just love her.”

Tori just came under fire for getting pierced with her five kids in tow. They were the ones who gifted that to her for Mother’s Day. Though she is no stranger to piercings, some fans and followers felt it was time for the fifty-one-year-old to grow up. However, she maintains she is proud of her tummy and will do what she wants. Luckily, she has friends like Jennie to balance her out.
Does it make you happy to know that they have remained close all of these years later? Plus, is it amazing that Tori has someone like Jennie to lean on during these tough times? Let us know in the comments below.
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