‘Bachelorette’ Clare Crawley Hints At Return To Reality TV

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Is Clare Crawley done with reality TV after a disastrous season of The Bachelorette? She shared her future plans. Keep reading to find out if you should expect her back on your televisions soon.

Clare Crawley Dishes On Baby Plans

Clare Crawley went on multiple variations of the Bachelor trying to find her husband. She had dreamed of having the American family dream of marriage and kids nestled behind a white picket fence. Despite her numerous attempts, the one for her didn’t exist in Bachelor Nation.

Her time on the show was recently brought up by Nick Viall’s wife, Natalie Joy, on The Viall Files podcast and it wasn’t complimentary toward Clare. She famously stood toe-to-toe with several men on the reality TV shows, including Juan Pablo Galavis and Yosef Aborady.

Clare Crawley’s refusal to settle for less than she deserved ultimately rewarded her with everything she ever wanted. She married Mascot Sports CEO Ryan Dawkins in February 2023. The couple quickly expanded their family with the help of a surrogate. Their daughter, Rowen, was born via surrogacy in January 2024.

Clare Crawley Welcomed Her Baby Carried By A Surrogate - Instagram
Clare Crawley Welcomed Her Baby Carried By A Surrogate – Instagram

So, does the Bachelorette star see more children in her future or is she done after welcoming her perfect baby girl? She answered that question during a recent Q&A with her Instagram followers. Clare revealed that she does want to expand her family some day but with four feet, not two. “I think our next baby will be a fur baby,” she wrote.

Credit: Clare Crawley Instagram
Credit: Clare Crawley Instagram

Clare Crawley Hints At Return To Reality TV After Bachelorette

After appearing on The Bachelor and its spinoffs The Bachelorette, Bachelor In Paradise and Bachelor Winter Games, is Clare Crawley done with reality TV? She no longer needs to go on dating shows to find her love match. But new reality TV competitions crop up all the time. Her Season 16 co-star, Tayshia Adams, is a contestant on the new Amazon Prime reality show The GOAT.

So, would the former Bachelorette Clare Crawley be open to a return to TV, either on a reality competition or another show? She hinted that she might be. When asked about when she will be back on TV, she wrote “TBD” as a response. She didn’t reveal if she’s been officially approached to join another TV show or if it’s just something she would be open to in the future.

Credit: Clare Crawley Instagram
Credit: Clare Crawley Instagram

Unexpected Fan Response

But some Bachelor Nation fans hope Clare stays OFF their television. Check out some of the comments on a Reddit thread dedicated to her Instagram post:

  • No one asked for this
  • girl we’re good
  • please no
  • Literally no one is asking for this. She needs to retire.
  • I love Clare but I think she needs to stay off of TV haha
  • The real question is will Yosef’s daughter be watching?

If she does return to TV, one fan thinks they know which show. They wrote, “If Clare is doing anything, it would be Special Forces. She’s mentioned on IG that she’s dying to do it.”

Special Forces has been renewed for Season 3 on Fox, but Bachelorette stars Trista Sutter and Ali Fedotowsky are rumored to be competing on the show right now. But another fan speculated that Clare Crawley could be on the next season of Peacock’s reality show The Traitors.

Do you want to see the former Bachelorette make a return to TV? Sound off in the comments.

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