‘American Idol’ Fans Call Katy Perry Rude During Finale Tribute

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The season finale of American Idol also featured a tribute to Katy Perry. She is leaving her role as a judge after this season to prepare for a world tour. During the tribute, Katy seemed touched and had some fun with the crowd during the event. However, some fans felt that her playful interaction with the fans in attendance was “rude.”

Here is what Katy Perry did that has many fans sitting at home so upset.

Katy Perry Called Rude During American Idol Tribute

American Idol had a tribute for Katy Perry during the season finale on Sunday. Katy previously said she was stepping away from the show after the season ended. She seems ready to release a new album and then hit the road on another world tour. However, there is something she did during the tribute that has people lashing out at her.

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During her tribute, the show supplied pizza for Katy and the other judges. This seemed to be a fun moment and Katy took some time to interact with the fact. She had a piece of pizza and looked at the fans, who were screaming in encouragement to her. She shrugged and tossed a slice of pizza into the crowd. Sadly, no one was able to catch it and it hit the floor.

Despite this, the fans clapped and laughed and it was clear everyone was having a good time. However, it seems that while the fans in attendance loved every second of the interaction, fans at home hated it. Katy took to Instagram to show the moment with the pun “a pizza my heart will always be on the #idol stage.”

Fans in the IG comments were unkind.

  • “Audience are not dogs … Very sad to see this happen”
  • “I like her ….. but… IT’S NOT RIGHT!!”
  • “This is bad. Shouldn’t throw food just like that.”
  • “That was silly and disrespectful and childish”

Why Did Katy Perry Throw The Pizza On American Idol?

It is unclear why people are so mad at Katy Perry having fun with the fans on American Idol. The fans in attendance seemed to love the moment, but the fans at home seemed angry that people were happy and having fun. However, there is a reason she threw the pizza.


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Katy Perry was reenacting a meme from 2022. This meme started when Katy was in Las Vegas for her residency and some fans filmed her throwing slices of pizza into a crowd at a nightclub. Katy was standing by a DJ and throwing pizza into the crowd, with most slices hitting the floor.

Katy then shared the video with the comment, “A mother feeding her children.”Many fans were confused at the moment, but it soon became a popular meme. The people blasting Katy Perry are probably oblivious that she was reenacting the meme-worthy moment. However, as the fans at American Idol showed, they loved the moment and that is all that matters.

What do you think about Katy Perry throwing the slice of pizza into the crowd at American Idol? Do you think she was being rude, or do you think it was a fun moment for the fans? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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