‘Tracker’ Sneak Peek Shows ‘This Is Us’ Reunion

Jennifer Morrison on Tracker finale

The Tracker Season 1 finale will see a big This is Us reunion. Justin Hartley plays professional tracker Colter Shaw. In the season finale, he agrees to help a childhood friend find her daughter, who was lost at sea while storm chasing. Jennifer Morrison stars as this old friend, Lizzy Hawking.

There is now a sneak peek at the episode and this exciting This is Us reunion.

Justin Hartley & Jennifer Morrison Reunite On Tracker

Jennifer Morrison joins Justin Hartley for the Tracker finale tonight. Justin played Kevin while Jennifer played Cassidy Sharp in This is Us and the two shared a romantic relationship on that show. It seems their characters on Tracker also had a romance but when they were much younger.

Justin Hartley on Tracker

Hartley’s Colter is investigating the disappearance of Morrison’s character, Lizzy Hawking’s daughter. Katie is a storm chaser with her friend Dylan and they were lost while chasing a storm. The local police believe Katie drowned, but Colter promises to find what he can. The synopsis says Colten will “uncover the seedy underbelly of a small town resort.”

This isn’t the first This is Us reunion on Tracker. Jon Huertas directed an episode titled “Aurora.”

Justin Hartley said he was excited about the reunion with Jennifer Morrison on Tracker. “I haven’t worked with her since This Is Us, and she comes on as an old family friend of Colter’s, from way back when they were kids,” Justin said (via Collider). “That whole family dynamic leaks out a little bit through her experience with him in the finale.”

Tracker Season Finale Sneak Peek

The sneak peek clip of the Tracker Season 1 finale sees Colter sitting in Lizzy’s living room talking to her about her missing daughter. The clip starts with Lizzy demanding that Colter allow her to pay $5,000 for his help. Colter doesn’t seem to want to talk money, but he agrees so they can move on with the assignment.

Lizzy explains that her daughter Katie and her two friends are storm trackers. They usually keep their boat at a place away from the main marina because she says Sheriff Woods always gives them a hard time about it. Colter learns that one of the storm trackers wasn’t with them during the disappearance and sets out to learn what happened to Kate and her friend Dylan.

It was a short scene, but the chemistry is still there between Justin Hartley and Jennifer Morrison. This scene shows that This is Us fans should enjoy this reunion between the two stars.

Are you excited about the Tracker season finale? Are you happy to see the This is Us reunion in the final episode? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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