‘Jeopardy!’ Ken Jennings Dismisses Grant DeYoung Challenger

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On a recent episode of Jeopardy!, Grant DeYoung was looking for his third straight win. However, his two challengers left a little to be desired. In the final round, only one was left and his answer caused Ken Jennings to get short with him as DeYoung won again.

Here is the final Jeopardy! question and why Jennings was frustrated by this moment in the show.

Ken Jennings Short After Bad Jeopardy! Answers

By the time the Final Jeopardy! rolled around, only two competitors remained. The third, Rachel Shelton, had $0 heading into the finals, so she had to leave the game at that point. This means that Grant DeYoung was trying to win his third game in a row against Nick Coombs.

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Jennings had already expressed disappointment when Rachel Shelton bet it all on the Daily Double. She went all-in with $7,000 and then missed the question. Ken seemed sad to see her fall, saying “That was tough.” Grant wagered $5,000, got it right and only had to gamble a small amount to ensure a win in case Nick went all in on the last round.

However, Ken wasn’t as sympathetic with Nick as he was with Rachel when he gave his response to the Final Jeopardy! clue. The clue was under “Book and Movie Title References.” It read, “The title of this 2001 book, also a 2003 film, formed a partial border between Boston, Chelsea, Medford, & Everett.”

Grant got it right when he guessed “What is Mystic River?” Clint Eastwood directed the movie in 2003, with Sean Penn, Tim Robbins, and Kavin Bacon starring. It earned six Oscar nominations. Dennis Lehane (who also wrote Gone Baby Gone and Shutter Island) published the book in 2001.

Nick lost when he guessed The Turnpike and bid enough to drop his earnings to $999. Ken just looked at him and bluntly said, “That’s not correct, Nick” before moving on to the winner, Grant. The only movie called Turnpike is a 2011 indie movie. There is a book called The Turnpike, but it came out in 2013. The two are not connected.

Grant DeYoung Looking To Break Streak

Grant DeYoung won his third Jeopardy! game in a row. It has been a long time since someone won four in a row. As a matter of fact, Grant beat three-day champion Will Stewart to get into this position. Grant will try to change that narrative if he can win his fourth in a row in his next appearance.

Grant also has a great story about getting on the show. He works at a grocery store and said he got into his car and looked at his phone. That is when he saw he made it onto Jeopardy!, via a text message. As he started to tear up with excitement, someone hit his car and then took off.

“I had people coming up to me after [saying], ‘Are you aware you just got your car hit?’ and I was like ‘No’ holding my phone and staring at the message,” Grant said. He then said his car needed work, but he was fine and wasn’t hurt.

Grant has won enough in three days to get that car replaced.

What are your thoughts about Grant DeYoung’s continued Jeopardy! success? Are you surprised that neither competitor on Friday offered him a challenge? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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