Demi Moore Reveals Taylor Sheridan’s ‘Landman’ Returning For Season 2

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Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan’s upcoming Parmount+ series Landman is already coming back for Season 2. Actress Demi Moore has confirmed this and has a few details about the series. What did she have to say?

Demi Moore Reveals Landman Season 2

Although Demi Moore is in Cannes to promote her new movie The Substance, she has revealed some news about her upcoming Paramount+ series Landman. Speaking to Deadline, she shared that the Taylor Sheridan series is returning for Season 2 in early 2025. She also teased a bit about the premise of this new series.

It is a very interesting world in the boomtown of Fort Worth, Texas. It’s kind of this subculture that we haven’t seen before, which is what I think Taylor does so well.

In this series, she plays “an oil tycoon’s wife…lots of nice clothes.” Therefore, fans should expect Demi all glammed up. She also dished a bit more on the drama of the series. “The substance of it is really exploring the issues around oil, petroleum, on all sides…and then of course there’s–as Taylor does so well–there’s delicious drama within and family dynamics.”

Demi Moore, GMA, YouTube
Demi Moore, GMA, YouTube

Jon Hamm Plays Demi Moore’s Husband

In Taylor Sheridan’s Landman, Jon Hamm plays Demi Moore’s oil tycoon husband. This may be the most glamorous couple on television now. Subsequently, she admits the obvious, “I thought we looked really good.” Next, she revealed that she and Billy Bob Thornton have been friends for years. Therefore, this has been a fun filming experience.

Lastly, the Ghost star also shared that Season 1 has finished filming. Moreover, she is “excited for us to start the second which will be at the beginning of next year.” That is a big announcement, although not surprising. Taylor Sheridan currently has close to a dozen projects for Paramount. Landman has been one of the most anticipated series, with a stellar cast that also includes Andy Garcia, Ali Larter, and When Calls The Heart alum Kayla Wallace.

WCTH Kayla Wallace - Instagram
WCTH Kayla Wallace – Instagram


Landman Based On Boomtown Podcast

Taylor Sheridan’s Landman is based on the the Christian Wallace podcast called Boomtown. This 12-episode podcast is about the 21st-century Texas oil boom in the Permian Basin. This is where both “roughnecks and billionaires” complete on level ground.

This area originally did not have much of a population, but after the discovery of oil in the Permian Basin, this area has become the epicenter of oil in the world. The geopolitical and environmental issues are a big part of the podcast. This will certainly be fodder for Taylor Sheridan to create a gripping drama.

Landman Season 1 will premiere on Paramount+ in 2025. The premiere date should be announced later in 2024.

Taylor Sheridan fans, will you be checking out Landman in 2025?

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