‘Jersey Shore’ Pauly D Suffers Tragic Death Of Dad

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Jersey Shore star Pauly D has suffered a great loss in his life this year. The reality TV star lost his dad, Paul DelVecchio Sr. This is a tough moment for the star and fans found out through a tribute on a recent episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.

Here is what we know about this death and what is happening with Pauly D lately.

Jersey Shore’s Pauly D’s Dad Dies

Pauly D is a reality TV star and the world knows him because of his appearances on Jersey Shore and its spinoffs. However, when he isn’t on TV, he tries to keep his personal life persona. He doesn’t allow his young daughter to appear on his reality shows and he doesn’t talk about her or his family when on the air.

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Pauly D surely talks about his family to his castmates as they are his friends, but he doesn’t allow the cameras to catch him doing so. He has spoken about his dad one time on a different show, but he mostly keeps things quiet. However, when it comes to Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, the May 16 episode ended with an on-screen memorial: “In loving memory. Paul DelVecchio Sr. May 7, 1952 – May 4, 2024.”

Pauly D’s name is Paul DelVecchio Jr. and the episode was paying tribute to his father.

How Did Pauly D’s Dad Die?

Pauly D’s dad died “peacefully” at the age of 71, according to his obituary. The write-up didn’t have an official cause of death, but Paul DelVecchio Sr. has dealt with health problems in the past. Pauly D’s father was on The Pauly D Project when that show was on the air. That show aired in 2012 for 12 episodes. The series revealed that Paul suffered a stroke at that time.

That happened 12 years ago, and it showed a rare chance for Pauly D to let Jersey Shore fans into his personal life on a small scale. While Angelina’s grandmother and Vinny’s Uncle Nino appeared on the show, Pauly D kept his family on the sidelines where they remain to this day.

Other than his dad, his mother also appeared on an early season episode of Jersey Shore. However, his dad’s stroke being mentioned in The Pauly D Project was the extent of his appearances. He also has a sister named Venessa, but she has kept out of the spotlight as well.

While Pauly D has no problem putting himself out there for the world and is doing so again on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, he knows what that means and wants to keep his family out of that crazy spotlight.

Please help send your condolences to Pauly D and the loss of his father, Paul DelVecchio Sr., in the comments below.

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