Fans Bash Gia Giudice Over Expensive Purchase, ‘Get A Job’

Gia Giudice, Teresa Giudice-Instagram

RHONJ fans are bashing Gia Giudice over her latest lavish purchase and taking it one step further. They are saying she needs to get a “real job” but what else are the followers saying about the reality star? More so, what did she buy to trigger people so badly? Keep reading for more details.

Fans Bash Gia Giudice Over Expensive Purchase, ‘Get A Job’

Gia Giudice is the eldest daughter of Joe and Teresa Giudice. She grew up in front of Bravo fans on RHONJ and watched both of her parents go to prison. The hardest part was worrying if her father would get deported. She wanted him to fight along with her three sisters. Yet, it became so tough and was very hard on Joe. Eventually, it was over and they said their goodbyes which also signified the end of Teresa and Joe’s marriage. Teresa has since moved on with Luis Ruelas while Gia headed to Rutgers University.

Gia Giudice-Instagram
Gia Giudice-Instagram

She graduated with the goal of becoming a lawyer as she saw how she wanted to help people like her father. As seen on the show, she was working but has since just been figuring out what kind of law she wanted to do. Now, she has taken to TikTok as she needed to buy a new car. Gia explained that she had been driving her sister’s car while she was away at school. With her coming home, it was time for a new purchase.

@giagiudicexxcar shopping✨✨♬ original sound – giagiudice

Gia and Teresa headed to the Porsche dealership with Gia testing two cars. While driving, Teresa shared she had one of the cars during her first season of RHONJ. Gia Giudice left followers hanging but showed her choice off on Instagram.


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Fans had a lot of thoughts over Gia’s lavish purchase and they were not positive:

  • Try to be humble . Bragging isn’t very attractive
  • How about working first…. A real job before you throw this in our faces. You have the degree. , you are on your way! Don’t follow your Mom’s shallowness.
  • Always bragging about expensive things… tacky!

How Did She Do It?

Followers wondered how Gia Giudice was able to afford this car without a “real job,” so to speak. Many noted the various endorsement deals that she has. Monsters & Critics further elaborated on what Gia does as she collaborated with her family for Shein X Giudice Girls. Plus, she has deals with White Fox Boutique, RepHresh, Baddest Bod, and Cakes Body. Finally, alongside her mother, the ladies have their own iced coffees with The RYL Co. So, should Gia really feel bad about what she was able to afford? At the same time, she has to remember how she got here.

Do you think Gia should enjoy this moment or should she be more humble? Let us know and watch RHONJ Sundays on Bravo.

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