David Woolley Admits He ‘Corrupted’ Wife Christine Brown

Christine Brown and David Woolley from Instagram

Every new relationship comes with a learning curve. David Woolley and Sister Wives star Christine Brown hadn’t known each other very long before getting engaged and married. But as far as fans can see, they’re happier than ever.

According to a new social media post, David admits he “corrupted” his wife when it comes to one of his favorite past times. What exactly are the Woolleys up to now?

David Woolley Rejoices In “Corrupting” His New Bride

Every newlywed enjoys sharing their hobbies and passions with their new spouse. Fans who follow David Woolley and Christine Brown on social media know they’re spending quite a lot of time trying new things.

Recently, the couple has spent quite a bit of time in the Utah wilderness. David introduced Christine to RZR vehicles and it was love at first ride.

Christine Brown and David Woolley from Instagram
Christine Brown/Instagram

But that isn’t the only new thing David showed Christine.

“I’ve corrupted her!! Yes!! She’s gone to my side! So excited to take @christine_brownsw to @nascar ! I’m sharing my favorite hobbies with my wife,” David captioned his Instagram post, tagging several accounts associated with NASCAR. “We’ll see you there!”


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If you ain’t first, you’re last. Glad to be your only, love!” Christine joked back in the comments. 

Plenty of other Sister Wives fans felt delighted to see Christine so happy and enjoying herself with David. They left supportive words in the comments, including:

  • You’ve made her happy that’s what you have done! ❤️”
  • You guys are so cute together! 😍”
  • This wins for most wholesome content today”
  • 🙌🙌🙌🙌NASCAR is the best! We love the 43!!”

The Sister Wives Star Tries To Get Kyle Larson’s Attention

Many of Christine Brown’s followers knew she caught the racing bug. Just a few days ago, she shared on Instagram that she desperately wanted to get Kyle Larson’s attention.

“So freaking excited to go to Nascar Coca Cola 600 in Charlotte over Memorial Day weekend with David. All of it! We gotta meet Kyle Larson!” Christine shared on her own Instagram page, describing David’s love for Larson in the video. Plenty of her Instagram followers thought it was such a sweet video and tagged Kyle Larson in the comments.

It’s not currently known if Larson saw the video, but it might just be a matter of time.

Are you excited to see Christine Brown exploring new hobbies with David Woolley? Now that she enjoys NASCAR, what do you think she will try next? Share your own thoughts and opinions in the comments.

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