‘1000-LB Sisters’ Tammy Slaton Rapid Weight Loss Worrying Fans?

1000-lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton

1000-lb Sisters fans have been marveling at Tammy Slaton’s successful weight loss since she decided to go on her weight loss journey. However, on the other side of that, some fans are now concerned that the TLC celeb has lost too much weight.

1000-LB Sisters: Tammy Slaton Struggled With Her Weight For Years

Long before Tammy Slaton and Amy Slaton inked a deal with TLC to film 1000-lb Sisters for the network, Tammy struggled with her weight. Once Tammy got big, she continued to put on the pounds, and her health got progressively worse for many years.

Struggles with obesity run in the family, as all of the siblings featured in 1000-lb Sisters TLC scenes have also struggled with the number on the scale. However, Tammy Slaton’s case was easily the most severe, and many viewers worried it would be too late for her if she continued at the rate she was going.

Tammy Slaton TLC YouTube
Tammy Slaton TLC YouTube

TLC Celeb Shocked Everyone With Impressive Weight Loss

It took many by surprise when Tammy Slaton first checked into an Ohio weight-loss facility. She showed that she was willing to take the steps to finally overhaul her life. This was something that many 1000-lb Sisters fans never thought they would see.

Since taking that initial step, Tammy Slaton has surpassed every weight loss expectation. To date, she has dropped more than 400 pounds. She has a new lease on life, and she seems happier and more confident in herself than she has been in years.

Tammy Slaton is even able to do things now like go on a plane, as well as take road trips. She is experiencing life in ways she has not been able to in a long time, and 1000-lb Sisters fans are proud of her for making it this far, as well as for proving all the haters wrong.

TikTok/Tammy Slaton
TikTok/Tammy Slaton

1000-LB Sisters: Tammy’s Rapid Weight Loss Concerning Some Fans

As much as Tammy Slaton’s impressive 1000-lb Sisters weight loss has been an accomplishment, some fans are concerned that she has now gone to the opposite extreme. Where she once had pounds in excess, she is now dropping weight even after she already lost more than 400 pounds.

The way a lot of 1000-lb Sisters fans see things, Tammy is now losing too much weight. Many fans agree that she should switch her focus to maintaining her weight rather than continuing to lose more.

1000-lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton
1000-lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton

Another concern, along with the continued weight loss, is the fact that some people go from extreme obesity to too skinny. If underlying emotional and psychological issues are not addressed, people can go from eating too much to skipping meals to maintain their newfound slim body.

For Tammy Slaton’s sake, many 1000-lb Sisters fans hope that she didn’t just trade one extreme for the other, as she seems to be even skinnier with every new update she shares.

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  1. I think Tammy should continue to lose until she reaches 150 pounds. She really needs skin removal surgery now and maybe another one after she reaches her goal weight. She’s such a pretty woman & I love her attitude & her little giggle when she laughs.

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