‘Pawn Stars’ Is Corey Harrison Dealing With Medical Condition?

Corey Harrison on Pawn Stars / YouTube

Rick Harrison was in a photo shared on the Pawn Stars Instagram page and it has fans worried about his son, Corey. The photo was a simple one with the guys in Las Vegas. Yet, there is one thing about Rick in the image making fans question if he is suffering from a medical affliction.

Here is what fans are saying about the recent snap.

Pawn Star Fans Believe Corey Harrison Has Scoliosis

Rick Harrison has his reality TV show Pawn Stars on a tour across America and they are back to Las Vegas. To promote the return home, the TV show’s Instagram account posted a photo of Rick, his son Corey Harrison, and a family friend (Chumlee). However, most people ignored the promo and instead focused on Rick.

Corey Harrison from Pawn Stars / YouTube

The caption simply said, “Back in Las Vegas, and we’re ready to hit the jackpot” with the hashtag for the show Pawn Stars Do America. With the idea that they were ready to hit the jackpot, fans couldn’t help but look at how Corey Harrison was sitting at the table on a balcony overlooking Vegas.

Fans often show concern over the Pawn Stars cast, and they mourned the death of Richard Harrison back in 2018. This explains their worries over something like Corey sitting at the table with what looks like an overextended arc in his back. One fan asked what happened to his back and another immediately asked if he had scoliosis.

The image has Corey slumped over on the table while they talk. More so, it looks like he has a large hump on his back.

Fans Comment On Corey Harrison’s Back From Pawn Stars

Fans took to the comment section. Though some talked about the show being back home in Las Vegas, others focused on Corey Harrison and what they perceived to be a back problem.


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Most of the fan’s comments showed concern for Corey Harrison.

  • “What happend to corey’s back”
  • “It looks like he has scoliosis.”
  • “Hunchback of Norte Dame lookn a**”

While the last comment was very rude, it shows that people who follow reality TV stars really notice these things. In this case, it is Corey and his back.

The problem with the rude comments is that Corey has dealt with some serious medical issues recently. He has pre-diabetes, and he also underwent weight-loss surgery after learning about his diagnosis. This is important, as Corey lost his younger brother Adam at 39. Therefore, his struggles with his posture might be from his weight loss and lifestyle changes.

What are your thoughts on Corey Harrison in that photo? Do you think it shows a problem for the Pawn Stars celebrity? Or, are people overexaggerating? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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