‘MAFS’ Michael Turning To Violence After Denver Double Fail?

Married at First Sight: Michael Shiakallis

Married at First Sight Season 17 in Denver was such an epic fail, according to fans. It looks like Michael Shiakallis is resorting to violence to cope. So, what’s the latest from him since the Lifetime season went off the air?

Married At First Sight: Season 17 In Denver The Worst Yet

The majority of Married at First Sight fans have been saying for years now that the show has gotten progressively worse with each new season Lifetime churns out. The show has gone downhill, according to fans, and Season 17 in Denver put a spotlight on everything that is wrong with what the show has become.

It used to be that Married at First Sight would air about one season per year. They also used to focus on fewer couples, giving viewers more time to invest in each of the relationships. These days, the show doesn’t feel as genuine, and the results speak for themselves, especially with the last season in Denver.

Married at First Sight: Michael Shiakallis - Brennan Shoykhet
Married at First Sight: Michael Shiakallis – Brennan Shoykhet

MAFS: Michael Shiakallis Struck Out Twice

Married at First Sight Season 17 cast member Michael Shiakallis will go down in franchise history as the first person to be left at the altar. He will also go down in history as the first cast member to fumble not one, but two different matches in the same season.

Michael Shiakallis and Chloe Brown may be good friends after their time on Married at First Sight, but, many fans feel he dropped the ball when he rejected her on Decision Day. Viewers love Chloe. Even as a late arrival, she was willing to give things a try with Michael when Decision Day came around. He chose to end their romantic relationship, and many viewers feel like he missed out.

Married at First Sight: Michael Shiakallis - Chloe Brown
Married at First Sight: Michael Shiakallis – Chloe Brown/Instagram

Married At First Sight Celeb Turning To Violence, Why?

With the kind of Married at First Sight season that Michael Shiakallis had in Season 17, many fans may be curious about what he is doing these days. It looks like he is turning to violence to deal with some of his frustrations. However, it’s not in the way viewers might think.

It turns out, Michael has been in the gym the last few months training for a boxing match. The one silver lining is that he is doing it for a good cause, not due to desperation or some type of mid-life career change.

Michael Shiakallis teamed up with a non-profit organization called Haymakers for Hope. The organization raises funds and awareness for cancer research. One of the ways that they raise funds is through charity boxing events like the one that Michael Shiakallis is training for.

Michael Shiakallis has taken a lot of jabs from fans since he has been in the Married at First Sight spotlight. This time around, he will be able to throw some jabs of his own for a good cause.

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