‘Mama June’ Preview: Family Devastated Over Anna’s Death

Mama June Family Crisis

Mama June: Family Crisis is coming back this summer. The show will return to WEtv on June 14 with six all-new episodes. These episodes in the remaining part of Season 6 will focus on Anna Cardwell’s final days and how the family coped with losing her. The family was devasted losing Anna and still is today. What else can fans expect to see when the second part of Season 6 airs? Keep reading to find out more.

Mama June: Family Crisis Returns With Emotional All New Episodes

Mama June Shannon and her family faced devastation when June’s oldest daughter Anna Cardwell passed away after a nearly one-year battle with cancer. People shared an exclusive clip of what’s to come in the next six emotional episodes.

In the clip, Anna tells her family that her tumors have tripled in size. Fans know that Anna was diagnosed with stage four adrenal carcinoma in January 2023. Less than a year later she was gone.

Anna Cardwell, Kylee, Kaitlyn, Eldridge Toney-Facebook
Anna Cardwell, Kylee, Kaitlyn, Eldridge Toney-Facebook

In a clip, Mama June is seen saying, “Anna passed away. I would spend every last penny just to have her back.” More problems arise when it’s discovered that Anna never signed papers dictating who would have guardianship over her children. Kylee is going with her father Michael Cardwell. Kaitlyn’s future is up in the air as Mama June says she will go to court to try and win custody of her granddaughter.

Pumpkin is then seen speaking with Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson and says, “What if Mama gets in front of that judge and she’s like you gave up custody of your kids? I don’t know who the hell would grant her full custody of a child.”

June Shannon - Mama June Family Crisis - WeTV YouTube

Mama June And Justin Stroud Face Marital Issues

Aside from dealing with the devastating loss of Anna, Mama June and Justin Stroud are having marital issues. She tries to surprise him with a vow renewal ceremony but he seems to not really appreciate it. They argue more back at their home when Mama June says, “How many times in the last year have I asked you to go to counseling?”

Justin screams back at her, “F— you and counseling!” He then stormed out slamming the door behind him.

Mama June also shared more on TikTok where she reiterated that the upcoming six episodes are going to be very emotional. She shared that they are still hurting and it doesn’t get better with time as some say.


Get ready the new episodes will be coming on June 14. It will start at season six episode 21 and go through season six episode 26. #mamajune #cancersucks #emotional #realitytv #philo

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She also said that as a family they decided to let fans into their lives more than they ever have before as they say goodbye to Anna. The show will be documenting her final days before her death.

Are you ready for the upcoming six episodes? Stay tuned for more updates.

Mama June: Family Crisis returns on Friday, June 14 at 9 p.m. ET on WEtv.

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