Kellie Pickler In-Laws Questioning Son’s Death By Suicide

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Kellie Pickler went through a traumatic ordeal in her personal life when her husband Kyle Jacobs died. While the police ruled his passing to be death by suicide, Kyle’s parents are not willing to let it go. Pickler’s in-laws are demanding a reopened investigation into Kyle’s death and are willing to take Kellie to court to get it.

Here is what Reed and Sharon Jacobs are demanding concerning their son’s death.

Kellie Pickler In-Laws Demanding New Investigation Into Kyle Jacobs Death

Reed and Sharon Jacobs, the parents of Kyle Jacobs, have demanded that the investigation into his death be reopened. They are even going as far as to demand that his body be exhumed to determine his cause of death. To do this, they have obtained a court order to review the death scene photos.

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According to the court documents, they also want their son’s iPhone records leading up to his death. If they don’t get these released to them, the couple said they will get the police involved and go after Kellie Pickler personally. They want access to Kyle’s gun and sword collections, several guitars, his laptop, iPhone, and other items (via In Touch Weekly).

A private investigator named Paul Huebl said that Reed and Sharon want the investigation reopened. They are looking for anything that could be considered foul play. “If there are signs of foul play they can file a lawsuit or even try to prosecute Kellie,” he said.

Kyle Jacob’s Family Can’t Move On From Suicide

Kellie Pickler found Kyle Jacobs, whom fans got to know well through the reality TV show, I Love Kellie Pickler, dead in an upstairs closet on February 17, 2023. The police investigated the scene and ruled the death a suicide.

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Kellie said that Kyle had a drinking problem and she had previously threatened to leave him if he didn’t get help for alcoholism. However, she also said that his suicide took her by surprise because he had never mentioned hurting himself before, but she said he did suffer from depression.

However, Kyle was talking to his dad on the phone before his suicide. His father said that “his son sounded normal over the phone and never mentioned … hurting himself.” He also said that the day before his death, he was celebrating the success of his new song, “Hey World,” which he recorded with Lee Brice. It had just gone platinum.

It has been over a year since Kyle died, and his parents still want answers as to why he would die by suicide at a high point in his life.

What do you think about Kyle’s parents wanting his suicide case reopened? Do you think Kellie Pickler has anything to worry about? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Hard to say but doubt Kellie did anymore than love him and hope for the best. Alcohol and depression recipe for death even if not self inflicted. Kellie God be with you we all believe you deserve more goodness in life. Kyle had his demons, free yourself and go on with life. Jacobs need closure but should not make Pickler the demon. Kyle did what he did because he was miserable inside and out.

  2. I think Ms Pickler is a sweetheart, a good person. Don’t know her personally, but what I’ve seen and read over the last few years, she seems like a really good person. I don’t believe she would kill her husband. I’m sure her late husband’s parents are distraught, but they impress me as wanting to take everything they can from Ms. Pickler. Including money, I’m sure.

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