Tayshia Adams Reveals Heartbreak Over Joe Amabile Vote Off

Tayshia Adams

Bachelorette Tayshia Adams recently revealed the heartbreak she felt over the Joe Amabile vote off on The Goat. Both are from Bachelor Nation and have a big fanbase. However, one of them had to go on the competition show and it was emotional, to say the least. On The Goat, there are a lot of familiar faces. This competition show brings some of the fan’s favorite reality TV stars to compete for the winning spot.

Tayshia Adams Sets Target On Her Back

Tayshia Adams was once The Bachelorette. During her time on the show, she learned that you want to get your first impression in right away. However, this may have not been the smartest move on this show. She instantly set a target on her back when she won the first competition.

“I didn’t think that was going to happen. On [the] Bachelor, you kind of want to make your first impression known, and that’s where I came from with that. But if I did it again, maybe I would’ve just gone out second or third, because I had a target on my back.”

This did not help her game and regretted it later on.

Tayshia Adams/Credit: ABC YouTube
Tayshia Adams/Credit: ABC YouTube

She Reveals The Heartbreak Over Vote Off

Joe Amabile and Tayshia Adams were both up for elimination. With both of them being from the same franchise, it was hard for both of them to have to fight the other to stay. However, Joe ended up winning and staying in the game while Tayshia was eliminated. This was heartbreaking for her.

“I’m like, ‘Oh, it can’t be that bad,’ except for I’m crying on every episode, I thought this was going to be the easy show! But I’m not going to lie. I would probably be Bachelorette again. I earned a lot of friendships from the show, truthfully, I don’t know if any of our paths would’ve crossed. This was the perfect show to make some connections with people that I wouldn’t have been having the opportunity to do before.”

No one wants to send their friend home, but you have to fight for yourself in the situation.

Joe Amabile and Tayshia Adams on 'The GOAT'/Credit: Amazon YouTube
Joe Amabile and Tayshia Adams on ‘The GOAT’/Credit: Amazon YouTube

It seems it was emotional for both Tayshia and Joe. However, one of them had to go and both were going to fight for their way to stay. Tayshia did show Joe some loyalty by telling him about the girl’s plan to get him out. However, there were a lot of things that she did to lead up to her elimination. Now Joe is left in the game to battle the rest of the stars. What do you think about it? Sound off in the comments below.

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