‘Young Sheldon’ Season Finale To Explain ‘TBBT’ Discrepancies

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The Young Sheldon series finale is coming up. While many fans and cast members weren’t ready for it to end, the series looks to do one very important thing in its finale. Throughout the series, The Big Bang Theory fans complained that many things were inaccurate in the prequel’s story. There is a good reason for that.

Here is how Young Sheldon will explain all the inaccuracies in the show compared to what fans knew from The Big Bang Theory.

Young Sheldon Finale Will Explain Inaccuracies From Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon are two very different shows. One of them is a sweet comedy-drama about a family trying to make it past hard times. The other is a more irreverent comedy about a group of friends often dealing with personal problems while making fun of each other along the way.

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However, the connective device is Sheldon Cooper. On TBBT, he is a genius who is awkward and unable to understand others. On Young Sheldon, he is a child prodigy who has trouble fitting in, but at least tries. The prequel series is meant to show how the child prodigy turned into the eclectic genius fans fell in love with on The Big Bang Theory.

However, things started to change from the stories Sheldon told on TBBT and what fans saw on the original show. Several things didn’t happen the way he described them as an adult. On TBBT, Sheldon described his sister as an idiot and when she showed up on that show, she wasn’t — but she also wasn’t anywhere near Sheldon when it came to intellect.

There were also things about his brother George Jr and his failed marriages, the news that his dad cheated on his mom and Sheldon walked in on it, and the fact that Mary had nothing but bad things to say about George Sr. Most of that didn’t happen on Young Sheldon. There is a good reason why.

Sheldon Cooper Is Writing His Memoir Through Young Sheldon

Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik are appearing on the Young Sheldon finale for the first time as on-screen characters (both have done voice-over for the show). The reason is to show what the TV show was all about. Sheldon Cooper is writing his memoir of his life and that memoir is Young Sheldon.

In the sneak peek at the scene, Sheldon said he always does what he can to help other people and the screen freezes and goes to the present day with Amy (Bialik) stopping him and showing astonishment at that statement. She said he never does things to help others (saying it is a fantasy and not a memoir) He defends himself. He also said this is a memoir, which means it is his “memories.”

This is a funny moment because it has Amy and Sheldon having a moment where they tease each other, which is always fun. However, it also allows the show to explain why things don’t happen the way fans expect. He never walked in on his dad cheating on his mom (which he surely wouldn’t want in his memoir). Everyone was heartbroken when George died, making the series have a happier (and sad) family moment than what was described later.

This one scene explains why Young Sheldon could remain a show about a happy family struggling to make things work, even if it wasn’t what happened per The Big Bang Theory.

What are your thoughts about the changes to the story in Young Sheldon? Did it make the show better by eliminating the hurtful moments? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I definitely feel that the elimination of the hurtful moments was the best thing you did. As a long time viewer of Young Sheldon, I loved seeing the tender moments between all the characters, especially George Sr. moments with Missy, Sheldon, Georgie –even Mary and Meemaw. There were times I wished I could have seen more of Missy. She was amazing in her roll & my husband & I grew to love her. Also, we loved the tenderness displayed by George senior with his children. We totally looked forward to each & every show and wished that the show could have carried on with all of the characters. Our Thanks to the Producers and the entire cast, for many hours of wonderful entertainment, We will miss all of you coming into our living room very Thursday. Best of Luck and happiness to all!

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