Kelly Osbourne Morphing Into Kim Zolciak Amid Various Procedures

Kelly Osbourne-YouTube

Is Kelly Osbourne morphing into reality star Kim Zolciak amid the various procedures she has undergone? It appears that fans feel she is no longer the same Kelly she used to be. Rather they are comparing her to the RHOA alum but do they really look that similar? Keep reading and judge for yourself.

Kelly Osbourne Morphing Into Kim Zolciak Amid Various Procedures

Kim Zolciak has long denied having any work done. She looks drastically different now than when she first burst onto the Bravo scene. Her nose appears to have been shaped and her teeth seem to have been modified. Yet, she always attributes it to contouring. At the same time, Kim does love to get injections and has shown herself at the plastic surgeon undergoing maintenance. Fans have questioned how she can afford to keep up with these cosmetic procedures when she is struggling with money.

Kim Zolciak-YouTube
Kim Zolciak-YouTube

As for Kelly Osbourne, she underwent a gastric sleeve procedure and has had injections around her face. She has also made it known that she would like her neck lifted and supports Ozempic usage. However, she alleges she never used the Diabetes drug herself. Now, she has come out with new blonde, long wavy locks after maintaining a purple and grayish style for years. Kelly looks like a whole new woman and quite stunning but fans were taken aback by her appearance, per Page Six. She had just gotten a treatment to “lift and tone” her face called Emsculpt.

Showing off a sultry pose, Kelly Osbourne’s fans and followers could not help but mistake her for Bravo alum Kim Zolciak. They headed right to the comment section to have their say:

  • I was gonna say Kim Zolciak is doing too much
  • This is Kim Zociak
  • Thought this was @kimzbiermann
  • Is this Kim Zolciak

Even Kim chimed in to say this:

  • You look incredible 😉

After she made that comment, others added:

  •  because she looks like exactly like you
  • @kimzbiermann I thought this was you at first!!

Best Look

Aside from the Kim Zolciak comparison, fans could not get over how amazing Kelly Osbourne looked. They felt that the blonde suited her much better than the purple. However, they did point out how thin Kelly was and did point to Ozempic usage. Though her mother has used it and, as aforementioned, Kelly is all for it, she alleges she never used it. This is definitely a new look that is fan-approved.

Do you agree that she and Kim Zolciak look very much alike with their flowing blond locks and tight skin? Let us know your thoughts on Kelly’s bombshell makeover.

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