Bachelor Nation’s Kylee Russell Back Together With Aven Jones?

Kylee Russell and Aven Jones/Credit: ABC YouTube

Are Bachelor In Paradise couple Kylee Russell and Aven Jones back together after he allegedly cheated on her? That’s what fans are wondering after their respective social media content. What is the reaction to the rumors? Keep reading for more.

Aven Jones & Kylee Russell’s Messy Breakup

Aven Jones and Kylee Russell were one of the three couples to come out of Season 9 of Bachelor In Paradise. Rather than get engaged, they left the beach in a relationship.

But all three couples announced they had broken up within days of the season finale airing on television. Kat Izzo and John Henry Spurlock, as well as Eliza Isichei and Aaron Bryant, ended their respective engagements on relatively good terms.

Aven Jones and Kylee Russell/Credit: ABC YouTube
Aven Jones and Kylee Russell/Credit: ABC YouTube

However, Kylee Russell took to social media and accused Aven Jones of cheating on her multiple times. He vaguely admitted there was some truth to the allegations.

BIP Alum Spark Reconciliation Rumors

Kylee was on a podcast earlier this month and said she hadn’t completely closed the door to giving Aven another chance. Now Bachelor Nation fans wonder if the door is wide open after some interesting social media activity.

Aven Jones and Kylee Russell took to their respective Instagram Story to share very similar content. They both snapped photos of rapper Kaytranada on stage at a recent concert.

Credit: Instagram
Credit: Instagram

Fans React

The exes didn’t take any photos together, but the photo they did share was enough to spark rumors that they’ve gotten back together.

If that’s the case, fans are not happy about it. Check out some of the comments on a Reddit thread about the Bachelor In Paradise stars:

  • I feel like Kylee needs a good therapist to dig deep into why she chooses men like Aven repeatedly
  • Kylee baby noooooo
  • Once a cheater on you.. ALWAYS A CHEATER ON YOU GIRL
  • Kylee, this is now on you. Don’t come out crying when he cheats again.
  • Sorry but she’s an idiot. He very PUBLICLY humiliated her and she gives him another chance??? Insane behavior.
  • Taking back a man who you publicly shared cheated on you multiple times… is a choice
  • the way we wouldn’t have known he cheated if it wasn’t for her bringing it to social media…like girl if you knew there was still a slight chance of you taking him back then keep that humiliation to yourself.

One Bachelor Nation fan pointed out that the exes could have attended the show as just friends. “To be fair, she did say that they are friends in a recent interview. So it’s possible they were hanging out as part of a group,” they speculated.

Neither Kylee or Aven have confirmed (or denied) that they are giving their relationship another try.

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