‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Will Garrick & Dannielle Merrifield Split?

Garrick and Dannielle Merrifield - Seeking Sister Wife - TLC - YouTube

Seeking Sister Wife fans hate that Dannielle Merrifield’s husband, Garrick puts her through hell so they want her to leave him, like Christine Brown did in Sister Wives. But are they likely to split? Actually, there are some parallels between Meri Brown and Dannielle, because their husbands divorced them. Plus, there are some rumors that Kody Brown is actively looking for a new wife.

Dannielle Merrifield Needs To Run From Garrick?

TLC fans can’t stand Garrick Merrifield, and they gave him the nickname, “Ick.” In fact, on social media, they believe that he’s a creepy pervert because he looks for younger women. Always trying to impregnate them seems a bit off. Meanwhile, his now-divorced wife spends most of her time crying about the situation. God told him to do it, but she obviously hates it. Garrick once said, “God hasn’t delivered her from jealousy.”

Dannielle Merrifield struggles with jealousy - Seeking Sister Wife - TLC - YouTube
Dannielle Merrifield struggles with jealousy – Seeking Sister Wife – TLC – YouTube

Dannielle Merrifield should do the same as the Sister Wives stars and get out, TLC fans agree. So far, Garrick has managed to not marry Lea, Roberta, and Nathalia. Meanwhile, Kody Brown managed to lose three wives, Christine, Meri, and Jenelle. Notably, all of them seem to be in a better place without polygamy. Recently, the Seeking Sister Wife star spoke about them on an Instagram Live.

Seeking Sister Wife Won’t Cross Over With Sister Wives?

InTouch Weekly reported about the Live session by Dannielle this week. It came in the form of a Q&A, and a fan wondered if she and her husband might end up splitting. In other words, if the TLC stars ever get anyone to marry Garrick, would she leave as Christine, Meri, and Janelle did?

Garrick Merrifield- Seeking Sister Wife - TLC YouTube
Garrick Merrifield – Seeking Sister Wife – TLC YouTube

The outlet cited Dannielle Merrifield as saying:

I think it’s kind of a moot point because that’s like saying in monogamous relationships, if somebody gets divorced, that means marriage just doesn’t work, but that’s not true. I feel like in any relationship there’s struggles, there’s trials, there’s things you have to work through. And some relationships work and some don’t. So yeah, that’s my take on that.

Christine Brown - TLC - Sister Wives - YouTube
Christine Brown – TLC – Sister Wives – YouTube

The Seeking Sister Wife star also mentioned that she watches the Sister Wives show on TLC, and she admired the life that they had during the good old days. As she watched it for many years, perhaps that’s what attracted her to the idea of polygamous life in the first place.

What are your thoughts about Dannielle Merrifield suggesting that she and Garrick probably won’t split up and lead separate lives like Christine, Janelle, and Meri Brown did in Sister Wives? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your Seeking Sister Wife news.

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  1. I think Danielle is a bigger fool than her husband..to go along with his nasty ways. God didn’t tell him to take another wife .he just wants to cheat and cheat. I hate looking at both of them.

  2. Danielle needs to wake up.She’s being used to benefit him.He does not care about her or her feelings. And what is she teaching her sons,it’s OK to walk all over women and not give a damn about their feelings. God did not tell him to do this it’s what between his legs did.Open your eyes Danielle you are being used

  3. guys being guys, under the guise of “God’s Word”. omg. stop the bs.
    I couldn’t imagine supporting my husband out humping someone else. what a joke

  4. dannielle…you’re better than this! your stronger than you realize!! leave him, as he doesn’t care about you. he only wasn’t 5 wives. he doesn’t care who they are. he just wants young ones. you’ve already let him screw around with others.. in true polygamy you wait to be intimate til after you are married! you don’t metsomeone and do “the deed” just cause he put a ring on it! he tried to get Bert pregnant.. I bet she blocked thst as she was only in it for the $…. now he’s trying to get Natalia pregnant? and OOPS! got YOU pregnant instead which inturn pissed off natalia…as you took the lime light away from her. she thinks you purposely got pregnant… she just did not understand that you’d been intimate with him for 14 yrs and nothing and then >OOPS< your pregnant. we all know you had a Lil girl. please leave him before she is taught women are to be used by garrick like he's God or something. Natalia won't marry him. it won't happen. he needs to stop cheating on you and focus on the life and wife he has in the states. keep him outta Brazile! why does he keep looking there anyway? why get involved with women who don't speak English in a country where it's hard to get them out of! OPEN YOUR EYES you know it's true… he's using you and every other woman he involves himself with. leave him. take your 3 kids. you don't need him. you can get child support ( since you've screwed yourself out of allimony) and you have a wonderful supportive family! great parents and great brother and sister in law. they will help you!!! you are worth more than one of 5 wives. he has you brain washed… in the beginning of your marriage he wasn't like this… seems his own family knows he's nuts and cut ties with him… take your 3 kids and RUN…he will waste all his money on being with other women. he was with Bert and it cost tens of thousands of dollars… was she that great of bed partner? cause she wasn't a sister yo you! WAKE UP DANNI!! before it's too late.

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