Does Crystal Kung Minkoff Need Restraining Order Against ‘RHOBH’ Co-Star?

Crystal Kung Minkoff-Instagram

Does Crystal Kung Minkoff need a restraining order against one of her former RHOBH co-stars? It seems that fans feel someone’s behavior is going a little bit too far. Therefore, Crystal may need to protect herself. What exactly is going on? Keep reading for more details.

Does Crystal Kung Minkoff Need Restraining Order Against RHOBH Co-Star?

After three seasons, Crystal Kung Minkoff was let go from RHOBH. She shared her ED and the struggles she faced with body image. Plus, she addressed racial issues and talked about her father’s battle with Alzheimer’s, especially after Erika Jayne’s estranged husband was dealing with the same problems. So, she believed that she made an impact during her time on the show. Yet, it was not until her final season that she really gained a voice, mainly against newcomer, Annemarie Wiley. She challenged her profession, even calling her a “b*tch.”

Crystal Kung Minkoff-Instagram
Crystal Kung Minkoff-Instagram

Annemarie was fired from the series after one season and when Crystal was also let go, she made sure to throw shade at her. She felt that, after the jabs Crystal threw and how she doubted her profession, this was karma coming full circle. Now, Annemarie has tweeted something directed at her former co-star that has fans scratching their heads.

Annemarie Wiley-Twitter
Annemarie Wiley-Twitter

For those who are a little lost, at one point it was brought up how Crystal had been dropped by fourteen of her friends. There was no explanation given but it seems Annemarie has been meeting the women and is now posting about it. After seeing this, a Reddit thread was started with the OP writing this:

  • Crystal needs a restraining order at this point. It’s getting weird.

Annemarie Wiley has become fixated on posting about Crystal Kung Minkoff but is an RO in order?

  • Pure evil? I’m sure it was just some petty drama amongst a too large group of friends/acquaintances. Annemarie needs to stop, it’s giving bitter.
  • Alexa, play “Obsessed” by Mariah Carey
  • Let the mouse go, Annemarie, especially since the incident happened before you were ever on the show!

They Are Both Done

One person noted how both Annemarie Wiley and Crystal Kung Minkoff were let go, they are off RHOBH, so why is she still tweeting about it? They also wondered if she had nothing better to do. There was a question if this was a parody account but it does appear to be Annemarie’s only legitimate Twitter/X account. No one could understand why she was so obsessed with Crystal and the common word for Annemarie was “unhinged.”

Do you think Crystal needs to take legal action or should she just let Annemarie dig her own grave? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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