‘MAFS’ Briana Myles Reveals A Devastating Death

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Briana Myles who met and married Vincent Morales in Season 12 of Married at First Sight is grieving a devasting loss in her family. She’d been quiet on social media for a while. So, when Lifetime fans asked about her, she finally opened up and revealed her heartbreak.

MAFS Star Briana Myles Is Feeling Emotional

In November 2022, Vincent’s wife was pregnant and she looked stunning in her third trimester. Those were happy days when the only Atlanta couple to remain married expected their first baby. Two months after posing in a sleek red mini-dress, she and Vincent  Morales welcomed baby girl, Aury Bella, now one year old.

Married at First Sight - Briana Myles and Vincent's baby girl Aury Bella - Instagram (1)
Married at First Sight – Briana Myles and Vincent’s baby girl Aury Bella – Instagram 

Briana Myles and her husband from the Lifetime show had more happy news in mid-April this year. On her Instagram, she announced that they are expecting a baby boy. The little one should arrive in the fall of 2024. Everything seems to be going so well for the Married at First Sight stars, but then a devastating death happened. Naturally, she feels very emotional.

Married At First Sight – A Devastating Death

On Friday, the Lifetime star took to her Instagram account and let he followers know that her grandmother passed away. While the message was sad, the photo was very touching as her close relative held her great-grandchild, Aura Bella. In her caption, Vincent Morales’ wife wrote:

Recently my Grandma made her transition to Heaven. I don’t navigate grieving well nor do I like to show the vulnerability of emotion, but there’s no getting around this. Instead of drowning in my feelings, I’ve been embracing them. I try to focus on happy memories while creating new ones. Thank you to the many InstaSisters who’ve asked “Girl, where you been?!” or “You’ve been M.I.A, but I hope you’re ok!” I’ll get to being OK soon ❤️ Promise 🤞🏾

MAFS alum Briana Myles Reveals Her Grandmother Passes Away - Instagram
MAFS alum Briana Myles Reveals Her Grandmother Passes Away – Instagram

MAFS fans of Briana Myles and Vincent took to the comments to express their sorrow and solidarity with the reality TV star. Here’s a small selection of their thoughts;

  • Its OK to not be OK… for as long as you need to be💖
  • Navigating grief is so hard and no right or wrong way. Wish you all the best and so very sorry for loss.
  • Sympathy, Condolences, and MANY Prayers 💔🙏🏽
  • Take your time “getting to being ok” !! But do allow your close ones in to love on you as you do!! ❤️ my condolences to you and your family!
  • So sorry for your loss! Praying that God provides lots of comfort and peace to you and your family. 🤍

Do you feel the pain of losing someone you love in your family? Can you relate to Briana Myles needing time to grieve for her grandmother? Shout out in the comment below, and come back here for all your Married at First Sight news.

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