’90 Day Fiance’ Clues Dempsey Wilkinson & Statler Riley Are OVER

Dempsey Wilkinson - Statler Riley

Dempsey Wilkinson and Statler Riley arrived on the TLC franchise in 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days in Season 6. Are they still together in 2024? Statler hailed from Texas, and Dempsey lived in the UK. Statler, a lesbian had already fixed her mind on moving to England permanently, but Dempsey was initially unaware of that.

 Dempsey Was Different Compared To  Statler Riley

Dempsey immediately made an impression on TLC fans because of her sweetly charming smile. Right from their initial meeting, she seemed like a kind but rather quiet person. In comparison, the Texan seemed very quick to talk, mostly about herself. She talked about travel and her extensive life experiences with women. Actually, many people understood why Dempsey felt a bit concerned about how fast Stalker wanted to move forward.

Statler Riley - Instagram
Statler Riley – Instagram

Statler Riley and Dempsey Wilkinson were thought by 90 Day Fiance fans to be incompatible because they disagreed on kids. Additionally, Riley seemed too unsettled to get into any household routines. But most of all, Dempsey didn’t like being rushed. TLC viewers naturally wonder if the couple are still together. It seems Dempsey’s IG is scrubbed of Statler as of this writing.

90 day fiance dempsey

Statler Riley’s IG is also scrubbed of any hint of former partner Dempsey Wilkinson.

90 day fiance Statler Riley

Dempsey Wilkinson & Her Girlfriend Together In February

In February this year, according to social media. the duo still maintained a relationship. Actually, when Dempsey shared some photos on Instagram on her birthday, she specifically mentioned that her partner made her feel special. However, a lot can happen in two months with the 90 Day Fiance cast.

90 Day Fiance star Dempsey Wilkinson - Instagram
90 Day Fiance star Dempsey Wilkinson – Instagram

Interestingly, the birthday post from February was edited just a week ago. Of course, TLC fans can’t tell which part of the edit was involved. A screenshot appeared in a discussion on Reddit this week. TLC fans wondered if Statler Riley and Dempsey had broken up because the OP noticed that the couple seemed to have stopped sharing about each other.

Edited Birthday Post by Dempsey Wilkinson - Via Reddit
Edited Birthday Post by Dempsey Wilkinson – Via Reddit

The (OP asked if the others knew about a split between the 90 Day Fiance couple. In the caption, they wrote:

Have Statler and Dempsey broken up? Curious to find out if Dempsey and Statler have broken up? I went on their instagrams earlier today and saw that they no longer had each other on there. When did this happen? I might be late to the party

Most people in the discussion seemed to think they broke up. And, not too many people worried about the edited post last week. Here is a sample of their comments:

  • every photo she had of Dempsey or her and Dempsey is deleted.
  • Someone said that Statler said she was single.
  • Oh yeah, I remember them lol. Went nowhere.
  • Statler probably went back to her ways and Dempsey realized that she couldn’t turn a tramp into a housewife.
  • Guys the shows fake … with all the new proof being exposed especially with Debbie and Ruben the Cuban lol he said she forced him to be on the show and pretend to date.

What are your thoughts about Statler Riley and Dempsey Wilkinson? Do you agree that they probably split? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your 90 Day Fiance news.

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