‘Young Sheldon’ Producers Reveal Heartbreaking Tragedy

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When Young Sheldon started, there were a few moments that fans expected to see before the show ended. One was Sheldon catching George Sr. cheating on his mom. Another was George Sr. dying. Finally, the last was Sheldon leaving home for Cal Tech. One of those moments just happened, and it was heartbreaking.

Here is what the producers said about why they let George’s death play out the way they did before the series finale.

George Sr. Dies On Young Sheldon

Big Bang Theory fans knew that George Sr. was going to die. Sheldon had mentioned how his dad died and often disparaged the memory of his father on TBBT. His mother also slandered George after his death, calling him various names and making it sound like they were on bad terms when he died.

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That is not what happened.

The moment when Sheldon walked in on his dad cheating on his mother never happened. Mary was devasted when George’s best friends showed up to break the news. Everyone took it hard, including Meemaw, and it went nothing like what fans expected. Mary was angry at the news, and probably mad at George for dying on her, but it wasn’t in the way that people expected.

Instead of George and Mary breaking up before his death, they were on good terms when he died. George had just got a dream job at Rice as a special teams coach and Mary was behind him for the job and was willing to move with him. George had the best moment of his life at this time and then he died. It was heartbreaking.

Producers Say It Was Important For George To Die Now

The producers were asked about George’s death and how it happened when things finally started to work out for the family. They joked that it was “mean” to do this. However, they said, “We wanted to give George a win after all these years.”

George also got to see his son get married before he died. That was a huge moment for father and son. It will likely play out on the George and Mandy spin-off series. This also reveals why George died before the season finale. It was very important to the producers (via Deadline).

Chuck Lorre said that Young Sheldon is a show that “has been such a positive, loving family show.” He said there was no way they could have a tragic moment end the series and it has to go out on a high note. George’s death had to happen, and it had to happen with enough time for the family to move on and start anew.

What are your thoughts on the George Sr. death scene on Young Sheldon? Are you happy that he received the happiest moment of his life before his death, or was it mean? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. this sucks !!!! taking the show off ! and ending it , and having the Dad die , it’s disposable , demtied , ! we are very upset ! and don’t put him being older and his so-called wife on that sick use your brains we are very very upset very disappointed and people say it’s good no it’s not that’s a horrible rotten thing to do with the fans that loves the show

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