‘The Valley’ Jesse Lally’s New Lady With Him For Clout?

Jesse Lally-YouTube

The Valley star Jesse Lally just debuted his new girlfriend, Lacy Nicole the other day at a charity event. She seemed to garner rave reviews from fans for her beauty and philanthropy. Yet, is she only with the reality star for clout? Keep reading for more details.

The Valley Jesse Lally’s New Lady With Him For Clout?

When Michelle and Jesse Lally split right before the premiere of The Valley, it seemed like there was a curse on the show. Jax Taylor and Brittany Taylor had already separated at the end of February 2024 so it felt as if the cast was just falling apart one couple at a time. Michelle and Jesse’s problems were obvious but he wanted to try to make it work. Yet, Michelle was so checked out from the marriage and the two have since moved on with her filing for divorce. She has a new man and he just stepped out with a new woman, Lacy Nicole.

Jesse Lally-YouTube
Jesse Lally-YouTube

Lacy is the polar opposite of Michelle Lally who is a brunette beauty businesswoman. Jesse’s new girlfriend is a petite blonde bombshell philanthropist and socialite. She works with those who have experienced trauma and deal with PTSD. Though she has friendships with Bravolebs like Caroline Stanbury and RHOC alum Gretchen Rossi, it was alleged that she had no desire to be in reality television. Now it appears that may be a false statement. According to @bravoandcocktails_, Lacy apparently made two attempts to appear on the RHOC in the past.

So, despite claiming that Lacy Nicole was disinterested in being on reality television and appearing on The Valley, this is untrue. It looks like she wants to be on a Bravo show, trying out twice and not making it. Therefore, she went through the side and snatched a cast member of a hit new series. She then latched on to that. That does not bode well for the brand of staying out of the limelight that she is trying to create.

Did Fans Suspect This?

After reading that Jesse Lally’s girlfriend was looking to be on reality television regardless of what she claimed, what did followers have to say?

  • People’s desperation to be a D list celebrity is mind blowing
  • Lollll soooo she’s using him to try to get on housewives 😂
  • Ahaha!!! Tried out X2 for a bravo reality show…but she’s not with him for that…🥴
  • He’s trying to one-up Michelle 😂

It was clear that The Valley star was being used by Lacy Nicole. However, she may also be using Jesse to get what she wants and that is to be a housewife.

What is your take on Jesse and Lacy? Are they really happy or just mutually using one another? Let us know and watch The Valley Tuesdays on Bravo.

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