Kristen Doute Reveals Weight Loss Methods Used

Kristen Doute

Kristen Doute recently revealed what kind of weight loss methods she has tried and used in the past. Doute revealed that she has always struggled with her weight and tried different things to lose weight before getting air sculpt. However, now she is feeling confident with herself and wants other people to feel the same way. Now fans are wondering if she is still trying to get pregnant if she recently got a procedure done to make her smaller.

Kristen Doute Gets AirSculpt

Kristen Doute recently got AirSculpt done on her body. She loves how she looks and lets fans know how she feels. 

 “We went in to go to the procedure, I was fully awake and listening to music and chatting away, and it just kind of happened. … I flew home two days later to L.A. and was able to take a shower the next morning and take off my – I had kind of a compression little suit on – and I took some photos immediately.”

It does not seem like the recovery process was hard for her and she has been promoting it on her Instagram. Kristen has bravely posted her before and after’s for fans to see.

Kristen Doute - Vanderpump Rules
Kristen Doute – YouTube

What She Used Before

Kristen revealed that before she got the procedure done, she had tried weight loss injections. 

“I did try one of the pens, the medicine that you inject yourself with, I tried that for three weeks and I was so insanely sick that I couldn’t do it anymore, and I’m like, ‘What am I doing? What am I doing? This is insane. I’m flip-flopping all over the place.’ So, I just wanted something that was going to make me feel confident.”

Fans love that Kristen is transparent about what she has tried in the past and her experiences when trying them. Since the injections did not work for Kristen, the procedure was the best option for her to feel confident in her body.

It seems that Kristen had tried everything she could before finding the thing that helped her the most. She got vulnerable and let fans know they are not alone in their confidence struggles. Kristen seems to be doing good with her boyfriend, Luke. However, fans are dying to know if the two are still trying to get pregnant or if they have pumped the brakes on that. What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.

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