Julie Chrisley Served Lawsuit In Lexington, Kentucky Prison

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Chrisley Knows Best alum, Julie Chrisley was served papers for a lawsuit while she was incarcerated in the Lexington FMI in Kentucky. It came after a brief run of good luck when her husband, Todd Chrisley won a lawsuit against the state of Georgia.

Julie Chrisley’s Husband Todd Also Lost A Lawsuit

Chrisley Knows Best fans heard that prisoners seldom win lawsuits while they serve sentences behind bars. Well, their luck changed recently, when Amy Doherty-Heinze, an investigator in the Georgia case won a massive lawsuit against Todd Chrisley. The amount awarded included $350,000 plus punitive damages of $170,000. Legal costs brought a total payment demand of $755,000.

Todd Chrisley Instagram
Chrisley Knows Best alum Todd Chrisley – Instagram

Hot on the heels of the loss, Todd and Julie Chrisley were served papers for their son Grayson Chrisley’s accident. In November 2022, he was in a terrifying crash on the I-65 near Nashville. At the time, fans of the reality TV show feared that he might be brain damaged. He crashed into the truck in front of him. Reports revealed that the other car’s driver was injured but refused medical treatment.

Grayson Chrisley’s Crash Lawsuit Served In Prison

Chrisley Knows Best fans probably already heard that Grayson Chrisley’s parents were sued by the other car’s driver, Patrick Rywalder. However, initial reports didn’t mention that his mom was served the lawsuit in prison. According to Radar Online, the papers were served “on April 17, 2024.”

Grayson & Savannah Chrisley [Savannah Chrisley | Instagram]
[Savannah Chrisley | Instagram]
The outlet noted that Julie Chrisley and her husband Todd Chrisley were both sued because they owned the truck that Grayson Chrisley drove Additionally, Savannah Chrisley received papers because she is the guardian of her younger brother. At the time of the crash, Grayson was 16 years old.

The Plaintiff’s Case

The outlet explained that from court papers, it seems that Todd and Julie Chrisley possibly anticipated the lawsuit:

…Patrick has been fighting with the family over their text messages and call logs being produced…The parties recently came to an agreement over the phone records. Patrick will be allowed to seek records from November 12 to 15. He will be given Grayon’s records but won’t see the other logs until Todd and Julie’s lawyer reviews the messages.

Julie Chrisley Youtube
Julie Chrisley – Chrisley Knows Best –  Youtube

When the accident happened, Patrick Rywalder claimed that Julie Chrilsey’s son was distracted by electronics within the car. Possibly, that’s why he wanted phone records from “Verizon and AT&T.” However, the Chrisley Knows Best stars felt his request for logs “for the day before to 18 days after the crash,” seemed “unreasonable, oppressive, and a clear effort to harass them.” 

What are your thoughts about Julie Chrisley being served the lawsuit papers in prison for Grayson Chrisley’s accident? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your Chrisley Knows Best family news.

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  1. I don’t feel sorry for them ….They stole for yrs and got caught finally . They should have got a longer term in jail . Not so funny now being broke .

    1. As far as them getting sued over their son’s accident I don’t think it’s right. They weren’t driving. Just because they own the vehicle don’t hold them responsible. Grayson should’ve known to pay attention to the road not his electronics (phone, radio, etc.) and as a young driving and his guardian you would then have to hold Savannah responsible for knowing let a 16 treat old loose behind the wheel of a car alone, thinking that he would be responsible enough. She should’ve known better. So leave Julie and Todd alone to do their time for the actual crimes they had help with committing!!!

      1. unfortunately, julie & Todd are legally responsible! they own the vehicle if it’s in their name.

    2. Except that they didn’t! They have all of the documentation that they were railroaded. If you knew anything about the case, and have actually been following it, you would know this. They have won the right to an appeal. The court system doesn’t just allow everyone to have one just because they want one! You have to have overwhelming proof to even be heard!!

    3. Granted they were found guilty of basically stealing. Yes they should spend some time in prison, but there’s is an excessive sentence. Better to put them on House Arrest w monitor & let them work towards PAYING the Money Back . Being in prison doesn’t allow for them to make restitution. They’re not dangerous in terms of physically harming anyone , so house arrest w very close monitoring would allow them to at least PAY BACK THE FUNDS WRONGFULLY Obtained.

  2. I think the man in the other car is just out to get money.He refused medical treatment & now he wants cash.The auto insurance should have paid for his damages if Grayson was found to be at fault.He is just as corrupt as Tod & Julie

    1. Totally Agree w you 👏 Guy refuses medical treatment obviously wasn’t hurting at point in time , he’s clearly looking for big payout.

  3. I love the Chrisleys. I enjoyed watching their reality shows since day one! I was shocked to learn of their arrests. I feel sad for their kids, grandkids & Todd’s mother. Yes what Todd & Julie did was wrong, very wrong. But they’re still good people. They love their kids & grandkids. They shouldn’t be judged though, not by society but only by God. I don’t think they should serve all the time they got. Those celebrities that had to due time for trying to get their kids in certain colleges, came out smelling like a rose! They didn’t get enough jail time for the thousands of money they paid. I will continue to pray for you all.

  4. Regardless of what was done remember GOD forgive all our sins there human as a people we need to forgive they will have to answer to the almighty for all of their shortcomings and transgressions in the end,Amen.

  5. There is absolutely no need for the plaintiff to see anyone’s phone records before or after the date of the accident. They should only recieve the records for the exact time that the accident occurred, give or take an hour. I agree with them. Requesting anything before or after the accident seems sketchy. As for her receiving the papers whilst in prison? Oh well, at least they knew that they’d actually get to her there. Not sure what the big deal is.

  6. I love Todd and Julie Chrisley. They dont know me but i love them and their show. If they did what they’re accused of doing they should do some time. I don’t feel they deserved as much time as they got. It’s sad you have other celebrities out here sexually harassing women and you want to reward them. This world has things backwards you ignore that but you drag the Chrisley. The individual trying to get money for a accident that happen 2yrs ago he should be ashamed he really knows how to kick someone when their down.

  7. sounds like the other guy is just out for money. Why sue Todd, Julie, and Savanna? He couldn’t have been that hurt if he refused medical treatment. He probably realized who Grayson was after the fact and knew the family had money.. He’s just out for a quick buck like everyone else 🙄

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