Why Are ‘LPBW’ Fans So Grossed Out By Audrey Roloff’s Latest Post?

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Little People, Big World alum, Audrey Roloff is very close to giving birth to her fourth child but TLC fans seem disgusted by her birthing pool. Of course, she’s always been all about natural births, and she’s bound to go into all the gory details with her birth story. But, why do LPBW fans think it’s gross this time? Read on to find out.

LPBW Audrey Roloff Is Nearly Ready To Pop

Fans have been watching Jeremy Roloff renovating their home on the farm near his father-in-law’s home. LPBW fans slammed him for taking on overly ambitious projects. It’s taken him a long time, but it’s finally almost complete. In fact, the family uses it a lot and it seems that Audrey will have her baby girl there.

LPBW Alums In Their New Home - Pregnant Audrey Roloff - Instagram
LPBW Alums In Their New Home – Pregnant Audrey Roloff – Instagram

As the time approaches for Audrey Roloff to deliver her baby, she’s telling Little People, Big World fans all about the impending arrival. Plus, she’s doing some marketing for non-chemical products for childbirth. Jeremy’s already taken his pre-birth photos of her sitting nearly naked on her bed, and now the TLC alum revealed her birthing pool.

Little People, Big World Alum Gets TLC Fans Saying ‘Gross’

LPBW fans saw that the TLC alum took to her Instagram stories and posted a photo of her new birthing pool. And, some people thought that it was “gross.” Well, lots of reality TV stars use birthing pools. Bachelor in Paradise star Jade Roper Tolbert much preferred welcoming her third child in one. So, why are fans disgusted now?

Audrey Roloff Nearly Ready For Birth - Instagram
Audrey Roloff Nearly Ready For Birth – Instagram

When Little People, Big World fans saw Audrey Roloff post a photo of her birthing pool, a TLC fan screenshot the story and shared it on Reddit. Audrey had written:

Finally tested blowing up the birthpool and it fits in the corner of our room perfect! Also loved this smaller pretty white version because it was pretty but also will fill faster.

Audrey Roloff Birthing Pool - Instagram Via Reddit
Audrey Roloff Birthing Pool – Instagram Via Reddit

TLC fans had something to say after the OP wrote:

Even the birthing pool is beige.

That was a dig at all the natural colors that the LPBW alum loves so much. In the comments section, the discussion quickly turned into criticism.

  • My favorite part is knowing there’s a strong chance she’ll be pushing with her turds floating around in there with her. Wonder if Jer will be there with his turd fishing net.
  • So she’s giving birth in a [Bouillabaisse] of turds…and other fluids? 🤢🤮
  • Why do people want to share EVERYTHING about their personal life online? It’s such a bizarre development in modern life. It’s gross!
  • Logistically, I wonder if she is going to put a tarp or something under. This cannot be the final plan over carpet haha.
  • With this size birthing tub you’d be better off in your own bathtub. Cleaner, drainage etc; this will be disgusting!!

What are your thoughts about Audrey Roloff getting a mini birthing pool and placing it on a carpet in a corner? Do you agree that it might be unhygienic? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your Little People, Big World news.

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  1. I think Audrey Roloff has run off the rails. she seems a little nutty. sitting in a urine, feces, blood and placenta filled tub is the most unhygienic, bacteria carrying is a crazy way to go. She doesn’t like chemicals, but biochemicals are not the way to go. I bet she wants the whole family there to watch is her agenda too. no just no!

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