‘MAFS’ Star Admits To Being Recruited For The Show

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Cast members from Married At First Sight Season 17 have been revealing a lot about what happened behind the scenes. There is no doubt the latest season of the Lifetime reality TV show was the most disappointing one yet. None of the couples stayed together and everything seemed very staged. Now, one MAFS star has admitted to being recruited for the show. Keep reading to see who it was and what else they revealed about the production.

MAFS Season 17 Was A Huge Disappointment

Season 17 of Married At First Sight was crazy. Many of the couples split up before Decision Day and, if they made it that far, they decided not to stay together anyway.

The one couple who chose to stay married, Austin and Becca, wound up separating less than 24 hours later. Becca confronted Austin about meeting up with one of the members of the production team on MAFS at the bar. Because fraternization with the cast members is prohibited, the producer actually wound up being fired after Becca uncovered their secret meetup.

Becca Haley MAFS - YouTube/E! News
YouTube/E! News

As if there wasn’t enough drama throughout the season and during the reunion episodes, Michael Shiakallis has been spilling more tea about the Lifetime show. In the past, MAFS producers did casting calls and had people sign up for the show. This makes it so that they know the individuals they are casting are interested in finding love.

However, Shiakallis has admitted that he was recruited for the show. Someone reached out to him on social media about being part of Married At First Sight Season 17 in Denver.

Recruiting him for the show led him to make MAFS history. Michael Shiakallis wound up being the first groom to ever be left at the altar for the Lifetime reality TV show. He was also the first person to ever receive a replacement bride, Chloe Brown.

Michael Shiakallis Was Contacted By Production

The MAFS star opened up about his experience on the show on a recent episode of the “Regular Guys Random Thoughts” podcast.

“I was definitely recruited,” Michael Shiakallis admitted on the podcast. “I was reached out to.” Then, he clarified that being “recruited” meant that a person from the production team reached out to him to inform him about the show.

“It’s essentially just to raise awareness, you’re not fast-tracked or anything like that,” he said. “They’re just trying to get you to apply because they think, oh you might be a good candidate.”

Married at First Sight: Michael Shiakallis
Married at First Sight: Michael Shiakallis

At first, Shiakallis was hesitant to respond to the message. “They’re very vague, they’re like ‘Oh we’re gonna be filming a dating show in Denver, we think it may be potentially something you’re interested in,’” he shared.

Initially, he was just going to ignore the message, but then they reached back out. After some digging on LinkedIn, he discovered that the person was associated with reality TV shows like Love Is Blind and Married At First Sight.

“I asked for the details; they wanted to set up a phone call and that’s when I realized it was for Married at First Sight,” he said on the podcast.

After the chat with the person from the production team, he felt like he would be a good fit for the show. Michael Shiakallis still had to fill out the same long application and submit a video like the others, but he made the cut.

MAFS Season 18 is expected to premiere this year. It will take place in Chicago.

Married At First Sight is available to stream on Prime Video.

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