‘Sister Wives’ Meri Brown Talks About Dating After Amos Split

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Meri Brown finally split from Kody Brown and Sister Wives fans cheered for her when they heard she was dating again. However, she and Amos Andrews have already split. This week, the TLC star opened up on whether she’s dating again and if she found the right guy for herself. Keep reading to find out more.

Meri Brown And Amos Didn’t Last Long

The TLC star started dating Amos in October of last year. Lots of people feared that she rushed into it. After years of unhappiness with Kody Brown, they hoped that she would find the right man. However, information about him didn’t sound stellar as he’d been married and divorced several times.

Meri Brown - YouTube - Sister Wives - TLC
Meri Brown – YouTube – Sister Wives – TLC

Meri Brown split from Amos in February and in part, she blamed hate from Sister Wives fans for the breakup. Actually, rumors of trouble in Paradise had run around for weeks. Some people felt that Amos might have been in the wrong financial bracket for her, and other TLC critics thought that he probably just looked for clout.

The Sister Wives Star Opens Up About Dating Again

On Instagram, the TLC star has been opening up and doing Q&As. The top questions from Google are being answered, which is interesting. On Tuesday, she shared one of her reels and said in her caption, “So many questions! Are you ready? #WorthyUp.” The question about dating again arrived, and it seems that she’s being careful to find the right man but she has not found him yet. And, she’s been on a few dates since Amos left.

Meri Brown Talks About Dating - Instagram
Meri Brown Talks About Dating – Instagram

Meri Brown told her Sister Wives followers:

Prince Charming has not arrived. I’m not really looking for a prince. No, I’m looking for a king. There’s a bit of an energetic difference there. A prince is still a boy. I want a man who knows who he is. I want somebody who knows who he is and is confident in who he is. Because I know who I am and I’m confident in who I am and I need somebody who can match my energy. When we cross paths, we’ll know it.

In the comments section, TLC fans also hope she finds the right man. Here are some thoughts:

  • Yes go for the king! 👑. That is what I’m looking for, my king 👑
  • I LOVE that, not looking for a Prince, looking for a King! You deserve it Meri!!
  • Love it…Kody was definitely a boy.
  • You are correct. You need a man, not a boy. A mature adult.
  • Yessssss get your king.

What are your thoughts about Meri Brown looking for a real man who acts like a “king,” rather than like a “prince?” Do you hope that she finds someone special to love her just for who she is and that he treats her like his queen? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your news about TLC’s Sister Wives.

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