Why Fans Think Addallee Bates May End Up Like THIS

Addallee Bates From Bringing Up Bates, Sourced From @thebatesfam Instagram

Bringing Up Bates star Addallee Bates is one of the few Bates children who still lives with their parents. Many of the older siblings rely on their 18-year-old sister, especially when it comes to babysitting. Gil and Kelly Jo have also expressed how proud they are of their fifteenth child because of her kindness towards her siblings. However, some Redditors are worried that Addallee may end up on a different path compared to most of her brothers and sisters. Keep reading to see the discussion.

Bringing Up Bates: How’s Addallee Bates Today?

Addallee is one of the most outgoing daughters of Gil and Kelly Jo today. Despite her hearing problems, the Bringing Up Bates star continues to spend time with her siblings. In January, Addallee was commended by many fans after looking after Erin’s children. She also turned 18 in February, creating speculation that she may be the next Bates to enter courtship. However, some Redditors are worried that things may end up differently for Addallee.

Addallee Bates From Bringing Up Bates, Sourced From @thebatesfam Instagram
Addallee Bates From Bringing Up Bates, Sourced From @thebatesfam Instagram

Why Fans Worry For Addallee?

Some Redditors discussed the possibility of at least one Bates kid never getting married but having kids. According to some, it’s a difficult thing to speculate because of how important marriage is to their beliefs. Moments later, some commenters mentioned that Addallee Bates may end up remaining unmarried. Others agreed and recalled the time she admitted getting nervous about dating and settling down.

Addallee Bates From Bringing Up Bates, Sourced From @thebatesfam Instagram
Addallee Bates From Bringing Up Bates, Sourced From @thebatesfam Instagram
  • “I can see Addallee remaining unmarried.”
  • “I do know that last year when she was visiting Alyssa that she did make a statement that she was nervous about dating and getting married.”
  • “That doesn’t surprise me. She seems more reserved personality wise.”
  • “But Addalle may be more introverted and or shy about interacting with boys…but she can be a surprise…it doesn’t mean that things will go badly for her because of that…Addalle has many talents, she is very intelligent and has a heart very kind, she will surely have more than one suitor behind her.”

Bringing Up Bates: Who Will Be The Next Bates To Enter Courtship?

Gil and Kelly Jo have yet to share if there are new courtships in their family. But Warden made headlines earlier this year after revealing his relationship with Taylor Maples. However, things suddenly went silent between the two. Some Bringing Up Bates fans even speculate that they may have already called it quits after deleting their photos together on social media.

Warden Bates & Taylor Maples From Bringing Up Bates, Source From @wardenjbates Instagram
Warden Bates & Taylor Maples Sourced From @wardenjbates Instagram

Warden Bates also caught the attention of many after he was caught with a new arm tattoo in February. Others even think that he’s been rebelling following his alleged split with Taylor.

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