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Bear Brown opened up about another season of Alaskan Bush People this week, and he revealed that he landed a new show of his own. The last season of the show that aired on Discovery Channel ended in December of 2022. Naturally, rumors ran around that the show had been canceled. On social media, when he shared the trailer, Raiven Brown’s husband mentioned a renewal, but he’s being mysterious about it.

Bear Brown & His Family Became More Active Online

Alaskan Bush People fans started suspecting that the show ended when all of the family became very active on social media. Cameos popped up, and most of the cast started up there. Meanwhile, Gabe started on TikTok and others became active as well. Plus, the matriarch, Ami began to share videos and feedback on Instagram. Meanwhile, Bird struggled with her social media, but she persisted with it.

Snowbird Brown - Instagram
Snowbird Brown – Instagram

Bear Brown talked about relocating back to Alaska which might open up content for a new season. However, Raiven fell pregnant with their third child and went to Texas. So, it seems that’s all been put on hold. The news this week that old footage narrated by Bear will drop made some fans feel excited. However, others are not sure that it means a new season is in the works. After all, it seems to be a low-budget way to keep the audience engaged. One person suggested he just do it himself on YouTube.

Alaskan Bush People Scenes Narrated By Bear

On Instagram and TikTok, the Discovery Channel star explained more about the new show. A short trailer replayed old scenes from the show. Meanwhile, Bear narrated what was going on. He talked about Brown Town, and how certain places in Alaska were unfriendly toward the family. The dramatic footage saw him catch a fish with his hands.

Alaskan Bush People Behind The Scenes With Bear Brown- Discovery Channel Via Instagram
Alaskan Bush People Behind The Scenes With Bear Brown– Discovery Channel Via Instagram

Bear Brown wrote in his long caption:

Over the past year I have been asked, if there will be a new season of Alaskan bush People, while I can’t answer that question at this time, I am excited to announce, Alaskan Bush People Behind The Scenes, with Bear Brown. It’s starting with the first season, I will be talking about both things in front of the camera, and behind it! The first episode is dropping summer 2024. In the meantime you can stream all the old episodes of @alaskanbushppl on @streamonmax.

Discovery Channel Fans React

On Instagram, fans seemed very excited to see anything at all from the Alaskan Bush People show. Most people in the comments liked seeing the old footage, but some of them want more of the family in new scenes. Some of them talked about the hunt for gold in Washington which was the late Billy Brown’s dream.

Alaskan Bush People Behind The Scenes - TikTok
Alaskan Bush People Behind The ScenesTikTok

Here are some of the reactions from dedicated fans of the Alaskan Bush People show.:

  • There’s gotta be more! I have been waiting to see if you found gold…I can’t list all the things I have been waiting on but there’s a lot!
  • What an amazing journey it has been. Love this family!
  • I love your show, it’s a shame not to see another season, plus the last season in France we haven’t seen all the episodes, that’s stopping before. I can’t wait to see the family again on TV.
  • I sure hope there will be a new season!

A preview of Alaskan Bush People behind-the-scenes with Bear Brown! Ever wondered what was going on behind the cameras on some of your favorite episodes? #alaskanbushpeople #bearthekingofextreme #fyp

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What are your thoughts about the behind-the-scenes show with Bear Brown narrating it? Will you tune in and watch it? Do you suspect that this replay of old footage means there might never be a new season of the show? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your Alaskan Bush People news.   

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