‘BIP’ Star Sarah Herron Shares Powerful Message On Infertility

Sarah Herron/Credit: ABC YouTube

Bachelor In Paradise alum Sarah Herron has been open with fans about her IVF journey. She took to her social media in honor of National Infertility Awareness Week to share a powerful message about infertility.

BIP Alum Pregnant After Heartbreaking Loss

Bachelor Nation fans first met Sarah Herron as a contestant on Season 17 of The Bachelor. She earned Sean Lowe’s first impression rose, but he ended up with Catherine Giudici. Sarah went on to appear on Seasons 1 and 3 of Bachelor In Paradise.

She finally found love outside the franchise and married Dylan Brown in 2023 after six years of dating. Even before their marriage, the couple was already planning to have a family together.

Sarah Herron/Credit: ABC YouTube
Sarah Herron/Credit: ABC YouTube

Unfortunately, it wasn’t a simple process. She openly shared with fans that infertility led her to IVF. She announced that she was pregnant in September 22. Sadly, her son Oliver passed away at 24 weeks after he was born prematurely.

The Bachelor alum continued her IVF journey despite the heartbreaking loss. In January 2024, she announced that she was pregnant with twins. As she awaits the birth of her daughters, Sarah Herron looked back on her IVF journey.

Sarah Herron Shares Powerful Message On Infertility

Sarah Herron never expected to struggle with fertility issues at 33 years old when she began trying to have a baby. April 21-27, 2024 is National Infertility Awareness Week and the former reality star marked it with a powerful message.

She took to her Instagram to shine a light on the issue that faces millions of people around the world. “22% of couples struggle to get pregnant and many don’t feel heard because of the stigma attached to infertility,” she revealed about the issue.

She shared her diagnosis from three years ago, “I was diagnosed with diminished ovarian reserve, which means you basically don’t have many eggs left.” She referred to the news as a “garage door” shutting on her.

“All of the sudden you’re this decrepit, dried-up old lady and I didn’t understand it,” she confessed. She revealed that women she had known for years told her that they too struggled with fertility issues.


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“Infertility can make you feel broken, and for some reason there is still so much shame around this diagnosis.” Sarah Herron said in a video.

She added that sharing her fertility struggles gave her a sense of belonging and hope. She ended the powerful message with a request.

“For National Infertility Awareness Week this week, my ask to anyone who has experienced fertility struggles is to share your story out loud so that families who may just be receiving their diagnosis don’t feel that same isolation.”

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