Jill Duggar Shares Daughter, Isla Marie’s Funeral With Fans

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Jill Duggar has been open about the loss of her baby, Isla Marie. In a recent post on social media, she shared details of the intimate funeral with her fans. Here is a look at the sweet baby’s memorial and what Derick and Jill shared with followers.

Jill Duggar Experiences A Heartbreaking Stillbirth

Last week, Jill Duggar shared that she lost her baby girl in utero. She was four months pregnant when they found out that Isla Marie had passed away. Jill was due in August and the entire family has been heartbroken by the loss.

In her Instagram post that detailed the loss, she wrote that they couldn’t wait to meet their baby. “Isla was much loved from the start, and her 3 big brothers were so excited to introduce her to their world,” Jill Duggar wrote in the caption.

Today, she has shared a new post on Instagram showing photos of Isla Marie’s funeral. The caption read, “Isla Marie, our baby girl. We will love you forever & hold you in our hearts until we hold you in heaven. Laid to rest 4.19.2024.”

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The photos showed the heartbreakingly small casket adorned with flowers. Other snapshots showed funeral cards and a sweet baby dress that was meant for Isla. A table was set up with baby books, a baby blanket, and several other things meant to welcome baby Isla into the world.

Jill Duggar baby funeral

Fans Show Their Support For The Counting On Alum

Fans have shown concern about Jill Duggar since the loss of her child. They rushed to the comment section to display their support for the Counting On star.

“My heart hurts for you, but it looks like you honored her beautifully. Praying for you guys,” one person wrote. Another follower commented, “Heaven is a beautiful place. I’m sure sweet Isla is playing with all of our little ones who have gone on to Heaven ahead of us. From one loss mom to another, I’m praying for you and your family. Sending you love.”


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A third person wrote, “No casket should ever be that small. Praying for your family.” Countless others have shared their well wishes for Jill and Derick as they navigate this unbelievably painful time.

In addition to her fans, Jill Duggar has received supportive messages from members of her family. Although Jill has been estranged from some of her family for a while now, they reached out to show love for her during this time. James, Jinger, and Amy each left comments on her Instagram post.

Amy King wrote, “Isla Marie such a beautiful name and meaning. Praying continuously. God has a plan through all the heartbreak. You’ve been on my mind and in our prayers and will continue to be. We love y’all so much.”

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