‘Sister Wives’ Meri Brown Remembers Her Marriage To Kody

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Meri Brown took a few moments on Sunday to remember her marriage to Kody Brown. April 21 is the couple’s anniversary and, although they aren’t still together, the Sister Wives star says that the day is still filled with a “plethora of emotions.” Reflecting on her marriage, Meri Brown shared a few thoughts with her followers on social media. Continue reading to see what she had to say about her estranged husband and “failed” marriage.

Meri Brown Never Saw Divorce In Her Future

On Sunday night, Meri Brown took to social media to share a few thoughts about what would have been her 34th anniversary with Kody Brown.

So I’ve considered today whether or not I wanted to address this, and I’ve decided I will. 34 years ago today, I got married. 34 years ago was the start of this family that so many of you have come to love or, well, not so much. Yes, I know full well that we are a very polarizing topic,” she wrote on Instagram and Facebook

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She continued, writing that she never thought that her marriage would end in divorce. That being said, she doesn’t regret either (her marriage or her divorce).

“I look back on the years and see where I could have done better, where I did the best I could, where I didn’t live to my best potential, and where I loved as full as my heart could feel it,” Meri Brown continued in the caption. 

Overall, she said, she is “grateful for the experiences and the lessons.” It took her a long time to get to a place where this was her mindset around her divorce though.

Flipping The Narrative On Her Relationship

She shared, “For a long time, I had the narrative in my head that if I couldn’t make my marriage work, then I was a failure. But what if I flipped that narrative? What if, instead, I looked at all the lessons I lived and realized that’s what made me who I am today? Not a failure, but a strong woman going after her dreams.”

As many Sister Wives fans know, Meri Brown has gone on to do a number of things she never thought she would do in her life. She wrote in her anniversary post that she realized dreams she didn’t even know she had. Now, she has built “her own table” and has surrounded herself with people who truly appreciate her.


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Reflecting on her marriage anniversary, she wrote “in more recent years, it’s a day that has brought my life full circle.” Meri Brown said that April 21 will never pass without her remembering her marriage to Kody Brown, but she isn’t bitter or sad. She is simply remembering a piece of her life and all the “lessons and experiences” that came with it. 

She concluded her post, by writing that she will move forward and remember April 21 as a “new start” because now she’s on the right track, the one she should’ve always been on.

Kody and Meri Brown officially announced their split in January 2023 after years of martial issues.

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