Kelly Ripa Had Mixed Emotions About Guest Appearance On ‘Live’

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Meeting celebrities is nothing new for Kelly Ripa. During her time on Liveshe has met just about everyone you could imagine. However, a recent guest appearance on the show had Ripa feeling some mixed emotions. She seemed almost giddy, even nervous, about meeting a guest on the show last week. Who was it and why was Kelly Ripa so jittery about meeting face-to-face? Keep reading to find out.

Kelly Ripa Was ‘Fired Up’ About This Guest Appearance

Previously, Kelly Ripa has opened up and admitted that she sometimes feels “almost dead inside” because she has already met most of the people she admires. This guest was a different story. The day beforehand, Ripa even told her husband Mark Consuelos on Live that she was having a hard time picking an outfit to wear for the episode.

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When it came time to meet the guest, she told the studio audience that she was “fired up” about meeting the person. “Not gonna lie. I’m all fired up. I just met Pam Grier backstage!” she blurted out.

The Live Host Gushed Over Pam Grier’s Appearance

Grier was a guest on Live with Kelly and Mark to promote her show, Them. Season 2 of the program is now streaming on Amazon Prime. Apparently, Kelly Ripa has been a lifelong fan of Pam Grier and couldn’t hold back her excitement that she was finally meeting her.

After revealing her lifelong love for the actress, Mark inquired about how long Kelly had been a fan. She replied, “Since I have memories!” Then she shared that she had a vintage poster of Pam Grier that once hung in the apartment she and Mark shared in SoHo. Kelly admitted that she wanted Pam to sign it, but was conflicted.

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She said that she went through the scenario in her mind, asking herself, “Do I ask Mark to drive me to New Jersey to root through storage for the poster?” Mark Consuelos admitted that he was happy his wife didn’t do that, but that he would have gone if she asked.

During her appearance on the show, Pam talked about one of her most iconic roles: Foxy Brown. She played the character 50 years ago, but it is the role that made a huge difference to Kelly. She gushed over the star and the character while Pam Grier was there.

The Live host told the actress, “You are self-reliant, which is the most important thing for any woman, but particularly in show business.”

Although Kelly Ripa has had a successful career and is an icon in the entertainment industry in her own right, there are still some people she looks up to. Pam Grier is certainly one of them.

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