‘9-1-1’ Fans Express Frustration Over Schedule Change

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It seems like Season 7 of 9-1-1 just started airing but an unexpected schedule change has fans feeling frustrated. Keep reading to find out why the show was pulled from the schedule and when it will return.

911 Fans Express Frustration Over Schedule Change

ABC is in the doghouse with viewers. Several of its most popular shows are on an unexpected hiatus. New episodes of The Good Doctor, The Rookie and Will Trent won’t air until April 30. But fans of 9-1-1 will have to wait a few days longer to see the conclusion of the cliffhanger that aired on April 11.

The episode ended with Maddie (Jennifer Love Hewitt) preparing for her wedding to Chimney (Kenneth Choi) except the groom is nowhere to be found. Will he make it to the altar in time for the long-awaited Madney wedding?

Jennifer Love Hewitt as Maddie on '9-1-1/Credit: ABC YouTube
Jennifer Love Hewitt as Maddie on ‘9-1-1/Credit: ABC YouTube

The show’s official Instagram shared some devastating news on social media following the the last episode. The Station 118 brigade was “not on shift” on April 18 or April 25. The next new episode will air on Thursday, May 2.

The hiatus is likely due to the writer’s strike. Fans of the show took to the comments to share their frustration with the schedule change:

  • No 911 for three weeks?? You mean I’m going to have to actually focus on college???
  • Those two weeks are going to be brutal
  • That two week hiatus going to feel like 6000 years long
  • yall making me wait 3 weeks for the Madney wedding episode should be considered cruel and unusual punishment
  • Can’t believe we have to get through half of April without Mr. April and the gang!

The last comment is a reference to Chimney being named Mr. April in a firefighter calendar in Season 2.


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Backlash Continues Over Controversial Kiss

The long hiatus wasn’t the only thing that riled viewers. In an earlier episode this season, the show explored Buck’s sexuality when he shared a kiss with Tommy (Lou Ferrigno Jr.)

Oliver Stark as Buck on '9-1-1'/Credit: ABC YouTube
Oliver Stark as Buck on ‘9-1-1’/Credit: ABC YouTube

Oliver Stark, who plays Buck, said the plot twist was a long time coming. However, some viewers made it clear that they disagree with the storyline:

  • Buck is ruined, like wtf… you couldn’t find him a girlfriend.. the last one was pretty awesome. This is not ok!
  • seriously now buck is gay after being a womanizer. Disappointed he should had started the show as a gay man not all of a sudden
  • The upcoming episodes are going to absolutely suck if the show really forces Buck and Tommy down our throats, while Eddie once again is being reduced to a plot device for Buck.
  • Ok so all of a sudden everyone hates Buck what is this

9-1-1 fans, are you frustrated by the unexpected schedule change?

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  1. Yes this is very very frustrating especially coming from a day one fan!!! Not happy with the other mess going on with 911 too!!! Stop pushing this agenda on us!!!! This is a great show!!!! Stay true to the meaof the show!!!!!! Coming from a very very open minded family!!!! Fix the time!!! Dates and all!!!!!!

  2. I don’t have a problem with a gay storyline, but this is a complete 180 for Buck, who has ALWAYS been into the ladies. He never once even HINTED that he might be interested in guys. this is a complete departure from his character for the last 7 years. Makes no sense.

    … and as a side note, bring Anna back for Eddie. She was perfect for him, AND Christopher!

    1. Obviously you haven’t been paying attention to the show at all. Literally the first episode with Eddie, Buck was checking him out. Not a 180. Pay attention. Even the actor himself has stated that there have been clues since the beginning.

  3. What happened to regular tv programming I have to watch it on abc on demand rediculious and I agree buck guy he’s looks uncomfortable playing this part terrible idea

    1. Did you even watch season 2? He literally is checking out and thirsting over Eddie since the first time he saw him. Pay attention. Even the actor has said there have been clues since the beginning of Buck being bi!

  4. There have been hints for forever that Buck might be bi, and the actor agrees with that. So I’m thrilled that the experience of discovering something new about your sexuality later in life is being portrayed so beautifully and thoughtfully. Buck’s story has meant a lot to a lot of people and that’s a wonderful thing.

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