‘Sister Wives’ Fans Fear For Tony Padron’s Health

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Sister Wives fans are concerned for Tony Padron’s health and they have expressed their fear. The father of three and husband to Mykelti Brown Padron has been working hard to get in shape. Yet, something about him has followers worried. Keep reading to see what has them scared.

Sister Wives Fans Fear For Tony Padron’s Health

Tony Padron came in and swept Mykelti Brown Padron off of her feet. Unfortunately, her parents, Kody Brown and Christine Brown Woolley were not that thrilled. The young couple had only been together a brief time and her sister, Maddie Brown Brush was preparing to get married. So, the timing was way off. Eventually, Kody and Christine saw that nothing was going to stop Mykelti and Tony so they gave their blessing. Unfortunately, they wanted to get married shortly after Maddie but had to compromise and wait until December 2016.

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The wedding was fun and eclectic but fans were worried as to how Tony would support Mykelti. He worked as a banker and then left to work from home. They went on to have three children and Tony became a fan favorite. Additionally, he and Mykelti went on a weight loss journey and were looking better than ever until a recent photo surfaced of Tony. A Reddit thread was started featuring this snap with the OP saying this:

  • Is Tony…okay??…because what is going on?? Blotchy skin, bloodshot eyes, empty gaze, frizzy hair…he knew he was filming so obviously an overall dgaf attitude of his appearance.
Tony Padron-Reddit
Tony Padron-Reddit

They added that it could be because he was tired from the three children yet pointed out how amazing his wife looked. Then, they concluded with this:

  • So I’m just gonna say it…his appearance is giving addict.

Did anyone else feel the same way or did they think it was a bad photo?

  • He’s always given me a stoner gamer vibe.
  • I mean they have three very young children. 
  • I don’t get addict vibes, but I’ve never cared much for him. He’s just kind of a jerk.
  • I don’t see any difference.

Possible Culprits

Aside from the three young children, Redditors had other things to say about the Sister Wives star. Some did get stoner vibes from Tony Padron while others felt he just needed a good conditioning treatment. One suggested that maybe he had rosacea and this was during a flare-up. Finally, many believed he was never okay and this was just the result of a poor diet and too much junk food. In any case, he does look slightly tired but his twins are only one while his daughter just turned three. Therefore, it could simply be the look of an exhausted father.

Do you think something is wrong with Tony Padron or does he look the same? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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