Fans Fume As ‘The Rookie’ & More Shows Removed From Lineup

Nathan Fillion 'The Rookie'/Credit: ABC YouTube

The Rookie has been renewed for Season 7 but fans want to know when it will return this season after it was removed from the lineup. The move has affected several other ABC shows. What’s going on? Keep reading for all the details.

Fans Fume As The Rookie & More Shows Removed From Lineup

Viewers were happy to see actor Nathan Fillion return to television on The Rookie in 2018, two years after ABC canceled Castle. The One Life To Life alum played a writer who tags along with the police to help solve various crimes. The show ran for eight seasons before getting canceled amid rumors of tension between Nathan Fillion and co-star Stana Katic.

The Rookie features Nathan Fillion as John Nolan, a divorced 40-something who joins the Los Angeles Police Department as the oldest rookie.

Nathan Fillion 'The Rookie'/Credit: ABC YouTube
Nathan Fillion ‘The Rookie’/Credit: ABC YouTube

Because of the writer’s strike last summer, Season 6 of The Rookie didn’t premiere until February 2024. Due to a shortened number of episodes, the show is on a three-week hiatus. Fans will have to wait until April 30 for the next new episode.

Needless to say, television viewers are not happy about the long wait. They took to social media to air their grievances. One disgruntled fan wrote on Instagram, “This is ridiculous already!!!!! More repeats than new episodes. Is anybody working over there?

Another added, “This “new-new-repeat-repeat-award show-new-special report-new-repeat” crap is getting old!

It’s not just fans of The Rookie affected by the scheduling upheaval. The Good Doctor won’t air new episodes until April 30 either. Fans of that show are already angry that the current season will be its last.

Will Trent Nabs Renewal

But good news for the other show airing Tuesdays on ABC. The network’s hit show Will Trent has already been renewed for Season 3.

Unfortunately, viewers will again be waiting three weeks for the next episode from Season 2 to air. Fans took to Twitter to vent about the delay. One fan asked, “Why are we on another break?”

Another used a gif of Amanda Wagner (Sonja Sohn) to express their disappointment.

Viewers Will Have To Wait Even Longer For 9-1-1 Wedding

The ABC Tuesday night lineup isn’t the only one still affected by the writer’s strike. The network rescued the drama 9-1-1 after Fox canceled it last year. Season 7 debuted on the alphabet network in March but fans have already had several breaks between episodes.

The last episode that aired on April 11 teased disaster at Maddie (Jennifer Love Hewitt) and Chimney’s (Kenneth Choi) long-awaited wedding. Fans will have to wait even longer to see what happens.

The next episode of 9-1-1 airs on Thursday, May 2. The good news is 9-1-1 has also been renewed for Season 8.

What do you think about ABC removing these shows from its lineup for so long? Sound off in the comments.

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  1. These shortened seasons, long breaks and constant repeats on all the networks are beyond ridiculous. Not to mention a series used to have 26 shows in a season and now we’re lucky to get 10. Maybe we need to collectively quit watching until things change!

  2. Absolutley,we’re the ones that that have to watch reruns plus pay for it. we
    all need to stop 👀.

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