Fans Slam ‘Deal Or No Deal Island’ Group For Bullying

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Fans of Deal Or No Deal Island are slamming a certain group of players for being bullies. The group “Night Owls” is not a fan favorite as they have been ganging up on Boston Rob and Aron Barbell. The group recently lost one of their members when he took a personal amount of money and got eliminated. However, this did not stop them from bullying the other two people they wanted gone.

Deal Or No Deal Island Fan Favorite

Boston Rob Mariano is a fan-favorite of the show. Fans have said they will stop watching the show altogether if he goes home. Another favorite is his partner in crime, Aron Barbell. Boston has taken Aron under his wing and viewers are here for it. He has continued to fight for Aron and vice versa. However, it seems to be the two of them against the rest of the players. The “Night Owls” want Boston and Aron out. The group consists of Stephanie, Nick, Amy, and the recently eliminated Dawson. However, there is another player who is not on either side, Jordan. She has made it a point to be in the middle and stay out of everyone’s way to not be a target and it has worked so far.

'Deal Or No Deal Island'
‘Deal Or No Deal Island’

Fans Slammed “Night Owls”

Fans are not happy with the “Night Owls” as they feel as though they are bullying Boston and Aron.

  • “What an unlikeable, nasty group of people. Ugh. You can play a game without being horrible- as evidenced by the other players.”
  • “They are so focused on their hatred for Rob and Aron that they aren’t thinking when they’ll need to turn on each other.”
  • “Not sure why they didn’t all pig pile on Rob and Aron. It was very clearly 4 on 2.”

However, Dawson tried to defend the group in a recent interview.

“But, at the same time, it’s a game, and we’re gonna do what we gotta do no matter what.”

It seems that Dawson tried to tell fans it was just a game, but they did not care. They think it is more than just an alliance when it is a lot of people ganging up on two people. However, Boston Rob seems to be a fan favorite. Many viewers have said they will stop watching if he gets eliminated. It is safe to say that Aron Barbell and Boston Rob will not go down without a fight. Boston has kept Aron going strong and will continue to do so. What do you think about the situation? Do you agree? Sound off in the comments below.

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