‘Sister Wives’ Maddie Brown Discuss Her Journey Of Anger & Pain

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Recently, Sister Wives star, Maddie Brown, gave fans some insight in a few areas she is struggling. While this is an extremely difficult time in all of the Brown’s lives, Maddie opens up about her journey through anger and pain.

Maddie Brown Is Honest About Her Struggles

While the Brown family laid Garrison Brown to rest in March, they are all experiencing different forms of grief since his departure. Unfortunately, grief is accompanied by many mixed emotions. For instance, there are times it comes with anger and pain, but it also can exist with joy at the same time. Understandably, Maddie Brown has many emotions right now after the loss of her brother. However, she also is sorting through anger that existed prior to Garrison’s death. On Instagram, Maddie opens up about a journey she started in November.

Maddie Brown gives sweet tribute to Garrison Brown. - Instagram
Maddie Brown gives sweet tribute to Garrison Brown. – Instagram

On Maddie Brown’s Instagram page, she offers some insight into the self work she has been doing. She says, “This past November, I embarked on a month-long journey of gratitude, driven by my curiosity about its profound effects on our well-being. The insights I gained were nothing short of astounding, revealing how a simple practice could significantly alter our emotional landscape.” Undeniably, she is focusing on the areas she can change and attempting to release what she can’t control.

Maddie Brown Is Working Through Her Anger And Pain

Along Sister Wives star, Maddie Brown’s journey, she is discovering she has deep rooted anger. While she doesn’t elaborate where it stems, she has lived through a lot of trauma in her childhood. Previously she has spoken about the relationship strain between her and her dad, Kody Brown. She says, “Lately, I’ve been holding onto a lot of anger—feeling it gnaw at me day after day. It’s becoming a heavy load to carry, and I’m starting to feel ready for a change.”

Maddie Brown discusses her struggle with anger and pain. - Instagram
Maddie Brown discusses her struggle with anger and pain. – Instagram

Perhaps the loss of Garrison Brown has ignited a new found perspective in her life. She shares, “I’m not quite ready to commit to another month of focused gratitude or to completely let go of my anger yet. However, I am ready to wake up without that immediate sense of irritation and to not let anger color my entire day.”

Likewise, Maddie Brush is finding ways to redefine herself especially for her family. She adds, “It seems that cultivating a softer heart could be the first step, and gratitude feels like the right tool for this.” Undoubtedly, the stress of being on camera during many of her formative years was difficult on her and the Brown family. Admittedly, Maddie and Caleb Brush chose not to be a regular feature in Sister Wives full time, but make some appearances here and there. Furthermore, she tries to keep fans informed through her social media.

Finding Gratitude Even When It Hurts

During parts of Maddie Brown’s message, she was quite cryptic. However, she makes it clear she is putting in the work to travel through these strong emotions she feels. Then she continues saying, “This journey seems to be filled with both shadows and light. The absence of what was once familiar is profoundly painful, yet the gratitude for the moments we shared is overwhelmingly powerful.” Seemingly, she is processing Garrison Brown‘s death and maybe also the grief the childhood she could have had.

Caleb and Maddie Brush - Instagram
Caleb and Maddie Brush – Instagram

Additionally, Maddie Brown, much like her mother, Janelle Brown is trying to stay positive. Admittedly, she is striving to allow joy, gratitude, and happiness to exist simultaneously with grief and pain. In her message she says, “I know that it’s perfectly okay to find small moments of gratitude amidst the pain. Embracing gratitude doesn’t mean ignoring our hurts; I think it means allowing ourselves to appreciate the full breadth of our experiences, the bitter and the sweet.”

What do you think about Maddie Brown’s approach to facing anger, pain, and grief? Do you think she is making strides in releasing these heavy feelings? Are you wanting to see new episodes of Sister Wives? Drop your comments below.

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