Blake Shelton Gig Likely To Upset Former ‘The Voice’ Co-Stars

Blake Shelton has been one of the most popular members of The Voice since he helped form the show. Over that time, he developed a fantastic back-and-forth relationship with Kelly Clarkson. He also turned over his role as country music icon to Reba McEntire. However, his recent gig might hurt his relationship with both women.

Here is what Blake did and why it likely won’t go over well with Reba and Kelly.

Blake Shelton Officiates Narvel Blackstock Wedding

It seems that something that celebrities have been doing more and more lately is officiating each other’s weddings. When Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani got married, The Voice host Carson Daly officiated their wedding. Now, Blake has taken up the gig and he officiated the wedding between Narvel Blackstock and Laura Stroud in Nashville, Tennessee, last weekend.

Blake Shelton & Kelly Clarkson [Source: Instagram]

Blake Shelton has a strong relationship with Narvel Blackstock. At the 2023 Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony, Blake said, “If there’s one person that I probably need to thank more than anybody from a career standpoint, Narvel Blackstock literally changed my life” (via Variety). Blackstock has served as Blake’s manager for many years.

Blake also became close friends with Blackstock thanks to Reba McEntire. Blackstock and Reba were married and Blake became close with their entire family over the last 20 years. McEntire said that since they were both from Oklahoma, they became friends. “We work together. We have fun together and gone on vacations together, so it’s just too much fun,” Reba said (via NBC).

However, things with Blackstock make things uncomfortable.

Narvel Blackstock & Son Involved In Legal Disputes With Reba, Kelly

The big problem with Blake Shelton officiating the wedding is that Narvel Blackstock is Reba McEntire’s ex-husband. What is even worse is that there are reports that his bride, Laura Stroud was a former close friend of Reba. This relationship might have played into Narvel and Reba’s divorce.

Blake Shelton and Reba McEntire / YouTube

Narvel Blackstock is also involved in a legal battle with his former daughter-in-law Kelly Clarkson. Narvel’s son, Brandon Blackstock, and Kelly Clarkson divorced in 2015 after seven years. Kelly has since sued Narvel and Brandon Blackstock’s Starstruck Management.

Starstruck Management represented Kelly when she made several entertainment deals. However, since the stage of California said they were not licensed to do such, Kelly wants more than the $2.6 million that the original California Labor Commission ruled that he should repay her based on the work they did for her during that time.

Brandon is fighting back against Kelly, recently filing a demand the suit be dismissed because he alleges Kelly didn’t “file a notice of appeal within 10 days” from when the decision was made to request more than the $2,641,374 that was ruled upon.

What are your thoughts on Blake Shelton officiating the wedding between Narvel Blackstock and Laurie Stroud? Do you think this betrays his friendship with Kelly Clarkson and Reba McEntire? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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