‘American Idol’ Fans Recognize Contestants From ‘The Voice’

Mia and Jacy Matthews - YouTube/American Idol

American Idol fans have pinpointed a few contestants on Season 22 who they have seen on television before. Several viewers have taken to social media to point out that they have seen the competitors on another famous competition show. While some folks are happy to see the contestants again, others are wondering what’s up with the recycling of competitors from The VoiceContinue reading to see which contestants fans recognize from The Voice and what they’re saying about it.

American Idol Fans Recognize Repeat Contestants

A few American Idol fans have taken to social media to talk about some of the contestants this season. Hailey Mia and the Alabama Sisters, Mia and Jacy Matthews, have been on TV before. In fact, they’ve been successful competitors on The Voice.

Hailey Mia appeared on the rival competition show in 2021. Mia and Jacy competed on The Voice in 2020 alongside their mother, Tara Matthews. Fans caught on quickly to the recycling of contestants.

Mia and Jacy Matthews - Instagram/Jacy Matthews
Instagram/Jacy Matthews

“Wasn’t Hailey Mia also on #TheVoice? #AmericanIdol,” one American Idol fan asked on X. Another viewer wrote, “Hailey Mia literally placed 4th on #thevoice so why is she auditioning on #americanidol.”

“Both Hailey Mia and the sisters from Worth the Wait from #TheVoice are now on the current season of #AmericanIdol,” another person pointed out.

“Excited to see them all again but also what’s up with casting recycling the same people between the two shows bc they did this last season with other kids too,” a fourth person wrote.

Hailey Mia Continues To Be An Idol Fan Favorite

Despite having seen her before, Hailey Mia has panned out to be a fan favorite in Season 22. In fact, fans have gone to bat for her when they thought Katy Perry was judging her too harshly.

During the April 7 episode of American Idol, Hailey Mia sang Tate McRae’s “She’s All I Wanna Be.” By all accounts, she nailed the performance. Many viewers felt like she worked the stage well and was sure to pay some attention to the camera as well.

Hailey Mia - YouTube/American Idol
YouTube/American Idol

However, when it came time to receive feedback from the judges, Katy Perry had some harsh words for Hailey Mia.

“I love the moments that you draw people in…,” Katy started off, but that seemed to be the only good thing she had to say. She told the contestant that she was “underwhelmed” with the performance as a whole, and had a disappointed tone to her voice the entire time.

Several fans took to to express their feelings about the blunt critique. “Katy Perry is a bit harsher this year and not as cartoonish,” one person wrote. Another chimed in, “Katy Perry is so critical of every female singer…. #AmericanIdol.” A third wrote, “I don’t feel like these women are deserving of Katy’s wrath.”

So, even though it seems like American Idol is recycling competitors from The Voice, it doesn’t mean they won’t have the support of the viewers behind them.

American Idol airs on Sunday and Monday nights at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.

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