Annemarie Wiley Shades Crystal Kung Minkoff Amid ‘RHOBH’ Exit

Annemarie Wiley-YouTube

Annemarie Wiley is shading Crystal Kung Minkoff amid her RHOBH exit. It just came out on Monday, April 15th, that Minkoff is the latest casualty of the show. Yet, Annemarie, who was let go from the Bravo series in March, did not waste any time shading her former co-star. Keep reading to see what she said.

Annemarie Wiley Shades Crystal Kung Minkoff Amid RHOBH Exit

For her first season, Annemarie Wiley really struggled on the RHOBH. She came in as Kyle Richards’ friend and was first featured at the weed dinner. Unfortunately, she hit a rocky patch when Kyle discussed Sutton Stracke’s esophageal issues. With Wiley being a nurse anesthetist, she felt she had some knowledge and challenged Stracke. This caused friction between Wiley, Stracke, and Crystal Kung Minkoff. At one point, Minkoff called Wiley a “b*tch.” Minkoff even claimed that Wiley had said she was a doctor which caused more problems between the two ladies.

Crystal Kung Minkoff-YouTube
Crystal Kung Minkoff-YouTube

In Wiley’s mind, Minkoff was jealous of her education but there was a twist. When the ladies all went on vacation in Spain, Minkoff got very ill and Wiley was right there for her. More so, she offered to go to the hospital with her but they sent someone from production to be by her side. The two women seemed to mend fences but, in the end, Minkoff continued to mock Wiley. When Minkoff posted a photo of herself, Garcelle Beauvais, and Stracke from the reunion, she captioned them as The Powerpuff Girls. Garcelle asked if she was Buttercup to which Minkoff responded:

 “you are whoever you want to be! That’s apparently what I’ve learned from this season 🩺.”

This was clearly a dig at Annemarie Wiley who was fired from RHOBH in March 2024. Now, Crystal Kung Minkoff has been let go and Wiley seemingly responded via her Instagram stories.

Annemarie Wiley-Instagram
Annemarie Wiley-Instagram

This seemed to be Wiley’s way of telling Minkoff that she could play the victim but in the end, what goes around comes around.

More To Come

After the news broke that she had been let go, Crystal Kung Minkoff took to her Instagram to make a Reel. There, she shared she was grateful for her time on the show and all of the years she had been asked back. More so, she explained that this was not the last fans would see of her though she did not say in what capacity. She is the second casualty of RHOBH while Kyle Richards is undecided. The OG is unsure if she wants to be on camera after a rough Season 13 but time will tell.

Do you think this post was a slight by Annemarie Wiley to Crystal after their rough season? Moreover, do you think it was warranted? Let us know in the comments below.

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