Monica Garcia Expecting Baby After ‘RHOSLC’ Exit

Monica Garcia-YouTube

Monica Garcia revealed she is expecting her fifth child around three months after her RHOSLC exit was announced. Back in January 2024, it came out that she would not be returning after just one season. Now, she has big news to share that may make her Bravo-worthy again. Keep reading for more details.

Monica Garcia Expecting Baby After RHOSLC Exit

It was one crazy season for Monica Garcia. She came onto RHOSLC and did not make true friends with any of the women. Mary Cosby did like her some but she got into it with Lisa Barlow after Barlow’s $60K ring went missing in an airport bathroom. It looked like she believed that Monica may have taken it. Yet, fans could not get over how Barlow kept repeating the value of this ring. Then, she came to the reunion about why it meant so much to her, cost aside.

Monica Garcia-YouTube
Monica Garcia-YouTube

Though Monica did not get really close with anyone, she did make it to the big cast trip to Bermuda. That was where things went south as Heather Gay revealed Monica was Reality Von Tease. This was a trolling Instagram account that had haunted the ladies for years but Monica had no remorse at the reunion. Afterward, it came out that Monica would not be coming back, with Andy Cohen saying this:

“The news is out that we are going to have a cooling-off period. I think the reunion is the chance to come out [and] say why you did what you did on the season. It’s the Supreme Court of public opinion. And so Monica had the opportunity, not only to explain herself to the audience but way more importantly, in this case, to the other women. And I don’t think she successfully swayed any of them to her side.”

Now, Monica Garcia has big news to share, according to Page Six. She broke it on The Viall Files that she is expecting baby number five.

More so, Monica explained how she found out about her new addition:

“I literally went into urgent care for something totally unrelated that I thought was wrong, and the doctor came in and was like, ‘You’re pregnant.’ I [was] like, ‘I’m 39! Like, there’s no way. I’m on birth control. By all means, I should not be pregnant.’”

Who’s The Daddy?

As of now, Monica Garcia is keeping her partner’s identity under wraps but has nothing but positive things to say about him during this time. Furthermore, she added that they met when she was filming a snowmobile scene with Heather Gay. From there, they exchanged numbers and the rest is history. She has since posted a video of herself taking pregnancy tests but starts it with a photo of her and her man. However, he is masked in ski gear.

Fans and followers were very supportive of her new journey. Are you happy for the RHOSLC alum? More so, will you miss her on the show? Let us know in the comments below.

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