’90 Day Fiancé’ Emily Bieberly Confronts Kobe Blaise’s Friends


Emily Bieberly from 90 Day Fiancé confronted her husband Kobe Blaise’s friends in Cameroon for what they said about her. They took their children to Cameroon to visit Kobe’s family and friends. This was going to be the first time their children met their grandparents. Kobe and Emily seem to have a good marriage. However, Kobe’s friends seem to think otherwise. Keep reading to find out what she said to them.

Kobe’s Friends Do Not Approve

Kobe Blaise’s friends recently voiced their concerns about Emily Bieberly. 

“In Cameroon, well you know that a man is the king of his house. What a man says stands. A woman has nothing to say. And you getting married to an American citizen, I think will be very different together as husband and wife. Is Emily naggy?”

However, Kobe defended his wife and their marriage.

“Yeah, she always wanna take the lead. And I understand that this is who she is. That’s the problem like, like some of the negativity in our relationship, but I choose not to focus on that. I’m already coping with that. We’ve been together for you know a couple years already. I’m a kind of man that I don’t restrict my wife from doing something. It’s a partnership, so we’re in this together.”

Kobe Blaise From 90 Day Fiance, TLC, Sourced From TLC YouTube
Kobe Blaise From 90 Day Fiance, TLC, Sourced From TLC YouTube

Emily Bieberly Confronts His Friends

Emily did not appreciate that his friends did not approve of her. So, she decided to confront them and see if she could change their minds. 

“Getting a white woman, we all know, maybe at times, they are bossy, at times, they may be authoritative. That’s not so nice.”

She understood his point but then decided to give her opinion.

“But we’re also very family driven, very good housewives, very good mothers, very good wives, so, we’re all of that too.”

His friend did not agree with what she said.

“He tried to convince us on things like that, but, we don’t really believe that because from the few examples we have seen around, it’s not always like that,”

Emily may not be able to change their minds due to their cultural beliefs. Emily may be a little bossy, but she means well and is a good wife to Kobe regardless of anything.

Kobe Blaise, Emily Bieberly-Instagram
Kobe Blaise, Emily Bieberly-Instagram

It seems that Kobe’s friends are stuck in their ways and do not seem to be open about Emily being different. It could mainly be a cultural issue, but they are not giving up on their opinions. Emily has tried her best to change their mind. Maybe the more they see Kobe and Emily, the more they will see they are in love and good for each other. Especially since they have three kids and are married. What do you think? Do you think they will ever change their mind? Sound off in the comments below.

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