Scheana Shay Slams Gleb Savchenko For ‘Rude’ Comments

A major storyline this season of Vanderpump Rules involves Dancing with the Stars. Scheana Shay feels she deserves a spot on the competition show, and she felt slighted when Ariana Madix got a spot over her. DWTS pro, Gleb Savchanko, commented that Ariana deserved it more than Shay, and now Shay is clapping back.

Here is what Shay said about Gleb after his comments about her lack of dancing skills.

Gleb Savchenko Supports Ariana Madix Over Scheana Shay for DWTS

The original comments resulted from Scheana Shay saying she wanted to be on Dancing with the Stars and feeling bad that Ariana Madix was chosen over her. However, when this went public thanks to it playing out on Vanderpump Rules, Gleb Savchenko spoke out about it.

Gleb Savchenko from KTLA 5 interview on YouTube

Gleb, who helped Shay with a dance for her wedding to Mike Shay in 2014, said that Ariana was the better choice. Gleb’s exact words were, “I’m glad Scheana didn’t go. I don’t think she would’ve had the same chance as Ariana.” He mentioned that working with her at the wedding “wasn’t easy.”

He also said he thinks she is amazing and isn’t trying to be mean. Gleb said he feels people need to take classes and prepare for the show no matter their level of celebrity. This didn’t go over well with Scheana Shay, who said that Gleb was “rude” in the comments he made concerning her lack of dancing skills.

Scheana Shay Rips Gleb For DWTS Comments

Scheana Shay has shown on Vanderpump Rules that she believes she deserves the spot over Ariana Madix. While she said she was happy for Ariana, she really wanted to be on the show. As a result, Gleb’s comments hit her the wrong way and she isn’t happy with the Dancing with the Stars pro.

“I thought that was very rude and uncalled for of him. But it is what it is,” Scheana said. “It is OK, I wouldn’t want him as my partner anyway” (via Us Weekly). Her husband Brock Davies said that Gleb should possibly not pass judgment on his wife and instead “be a better coach.”

Shay also looked back on her dance training with Gleb during her wedding. She said she had never danced before that moment. However, she looked at the video and thought she did pretty well. Shay also said she has been taking dance classes lately in case Dancing with the Stars chose her for the show. It was hard on her when DWTS picked Ariana over her. “She knew how bad I wanted that,” Shay said.

Madix, on the other hand, said that her getting on the show might help other people from Vanderpump Rules in the future.

What are your thoughts on Scheana Shay’s reaction to Gleb’s DWTS comments? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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