Chip & Agnes Hailstone Share News About ‘Life Below Zero’

Agnes Hailstone - Life Below Zero - National Geographic Channel

Life Below Zero canceled some spinoffs like First Alaskans but does that mean the original show with veterans like Chip and Agnes Hailstone, Sue Aikens, and more might be shuffled off into retirement by Nation Geographic Channel? Read on to find out the news shared by Chip and Agnes.

Life Below Zero & Spinoffs In Jeopardy?

Life Below Zero: Next Generation looks at new people who live and work in the remote areas of Alaska. The spinoff’s been around for a while and it returned in 2020. Since then, National Geographic Channel fans have gotten to know people like Alex Javor a bit better. But the outlook for the spinoffs doesn’t look good, so fans started a petition.

Chip and Agnes - Below Zero - National Geographic Channel
Chip and Agnes – Life Below Zero – National Geographic Channel

Life Below Zero star, 61-year-old Sue Aikens lives all alone at her fuel station at Kavik camp, and she’s been around for a long time. The idea of people like her and Chip and Agnes disappearing off the National Geographic Channel worries some fans. However, the good news that came from Chip and Agnes Hailstone seems to suggest that the old-timers won’t go away anytime soon.

News From Chip and Agnes Hailstone

Last week, Chip and Agnes went onto Reddit and shared some news about the National Geographic Channel’s show. In the caption, they wrote:

Just so you know; We are still filming Life Below Zero, making more for you folks. The spin offs may not be with us anymore, but they also might return, Hollywood never knows I get asked this question alot, (sic) so I figured we’d let you know. Have a happy Spring!

Chip n Agnes

Life Below Zero fans were quick to comment about the good news:

  • This post just made my day! And I know it will make many others day too. Love watching the Hailstone family, always learn something from you guys. Inspiring family goals right there. Can’t wait to see you all on my screen!
  • Thanks! Chip and Agnus, you guys are the best. You inspire me to want to go enjoy the outdoors, but also to be a better partner and family member.
  • You guys are awesome we love watching your family and the others, thank you for sharing!
  • Thank you for letting us know that we have something to look forward to! I am so glad.
  • Appreciate you telling us this. Was truly left heartbroken over the cancellations. Knowing we still get to see the OG cast, I’ll take comfort in that. Happy Spring to you Chip, Agnes and all the Hailstones!

What are your thoughts about Chip and Agnes Hailstone telling National Geographic Channel’s fans that the spinoffs might return one day? Are you happy that the original show will continue? Shout out in the comments below and come back here for all your Life Below Zero news.

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