Will Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce Be At Met Gala?

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift, YouTube

Fans are dying to know if Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift will be at this year’s Met Gala. The two are currently on a two-month break from their jobs and are enjoying their time together. Taylor is putting out another album this month on the 19th and fans cannot wait. The Met Gala would be a perfect opportunity to promote the album as well.

Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have been dating for several months now. They started getting to know each other after she performed at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City Missouri. This is where Travis spends most of his time and of course, he had to see one of the biggest concerts ever. He tried to make his move on Taylor, but it failed. However, after she heard about it, the two started talking and now are inseparable. Travis has been traveling the world with Taylor as she performs her International Eras Tour dates. Their families have been spending time together and it seems that both sides approve of their relationship and where it is headed.

Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce-YouTube
Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce-YouTube

Will They Be At Met Gala

It is unknown if they will be at this year’s Met Gala. However, it does line up in their schedules for them to be. It is on May 6, which is a few days before Taylor goes back on tour after her break. Travis does not go back to football until July so there is a possibility they will be there. However, Taylor may not want to bring her new lover to the event due to her history there. She was seen dancing with one of her exes there and it is also where she met Joe Alwyn. The two dated for nearly six years until they broke up. So, Swift may not want to bring Kelce into her bad memories.

Taylor Swift / YouTube

It seems the possibility is there, but it is uncertain if she will be there or not. The two have been inseparable and fans would not be surprised if Travis was there with Taylor. However, fans do not think they will walk the carpet together due to Taylor never walking the carpet with her boyfriend. Fans would love to see them there and see what looks they can pull off. Do you want them to be there? If Taylor is do you think Travis will be too? Sound off in the comments below.

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